Married Couple Dies in Murder-Suicide After Wife Livestreams 'Sad' Life; Leaves Behind 8 Kids

A married couple died in a murder-suicide weeks after the wife talked about 'struggling' in a Facebook live. Keianna Burns, 44, and Ronnell Burns, 46, moved to Atlanta recently with their eight children to expand their business. Keianna is said to have fatally shot her husband and then herself before 9 pm on November 6. Keianna had talked about struggling to adjust to life in Georgia in a Facebook live on October 30. No information about the kids' ages or identities was immediately available.

Keianna had asked friends for prayers, strength, and love in the said video. "Pray for me," she said. Hours before the apparent murder-suicide, Keianna shared a video online that showed her dancing and singing with her young daughter. The family is said to have moved to Atlanta about six months before the unfortunate tragedy in a bid to expand their Kritique Designs Beauty & Barber Salon and increase their Primerica Insurance clientele.

Keianna Burns (R) and Ronnell Burns (L)
Keianna Burns (R) and Ronnell Burns (L) Screen grab - Facebook

Keianna Burns showed off her rich lifestyle on social media

Keianna Burns showed off her luxurious lifestyle on social media. She bragged about a brand new Maserati Levante her husband gifted her last year. She posted pictures of the car with its trunk filled with Louis Vuitton shopping bags. However, Keianna recently confessed that she was struggling to adjust to the move. Asserting that one shall always be prepared for changes, she had hinted that if one is not a strong individual some things may take them out.

'Selfless, loving and caring'

Friends and acquaintances were shocked by the news of Keianna and Ronnell's death. The couple was described as selfless, loving, caring, and down-to-earth by friends in numerous Facebook posts. Police denied having a violent history in the Burns household. The couple shared eight children, some biological, some from their previous relationships.

The couple was on the verge of divorce

Ronnell Burns was previously married and had accused his wife of cheating on him. The identity of his ex-wife was not clear at the moment. The ex-wife, on the other hand, had claimed that Ronnell ruined her credit history. Keianna and Ronnel were also going through a rough patch in their marriage as he had alleged in a video posted on YouTube that they were considering divorcing. "We decided that we didn't want to be with each other no more," he said. He, however, clarified that the couple had given it some time and had decided to work on their marriage in the same video.