Married Brazilian Woman Shoots, Kills Foster Son with Whom She was Having an Affair After He Wanted to End Relationship

Jessyka Barbosa Sampaio
Jessyka Barbosa Sampaio Twitter

A married woman is accused of killing her foster son by shooting him after the two started a romantic relationship.

As reported by The Mirror, Jessyka Barbosa Sampaio was arrested on suspicion of murdering 21-year-old Samuel Alves dos Reis Cavalcant.

Jessyka Initially Told Cops Samuel Accidentally Shot Himself While Handling Shotgun

Samuel had been living with Jessyka, 29, and her husband since he was 14. Officers went to the family home in Marab, Brazil, and found Jessyka next to Samuel's body. He had a gunshot wound to the back of the head. At first, Jessyka told police his death was an accident and the shotgunhad gone off while he was handling it.

Samuel had left his parents' home in Pacaj and moved to Marab in search of a better life when he was just a teen when Jessyka's husband took him in and found him work at a local pottery shop. From his new home, he kept in regular contact with his biological family.

Jessyka was Angry Over Samuel's Decision to End the Affair

During the investigation, police discovered that Samuel and Jessyka had been having an affair. They believe she became hysterical after Samuel said he wanted to end the relationship and move out. On the day he was due to leave, she allegedly shot him in the back of the head in an act of revenge.

Detective Leandro Pontes said: "They had a romantic relationship and on the day the victim was going to leave the house, she took his life with a shot to the back of the head." Jessyka was arrested at her home and was remanded into custody the next day (16 May).