Mark Hunt furious with judge's decision to dismiss his lawsuit against the UFC

The 'Super Samoan, Mark Hunt took to social media to vent his anger, after the remaining charges in his lawsuit against the UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar were dismissed.

Mark Hunt Bitter After His Lawsuit Against Dana White & Brock Lesnar Gets Dismissed

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White
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Mark Hunt aka the 'Super Samoan', had his lawsuit which was filed in 2017 against the UFC, dismissed by a US District Court judge in the state of Nevada. Hunt then took to social media to make express his anger and disappointment at the verdict, even going far as to call the UFC a "cheating company and "sh*t rip off company". In his post, Hunt also stated that he was not the first to file a lawsuit against the UFC and wouldn't be the last. The fighter also expressed his dissatisfaction with the legal system after his lawsuit was dismissed.

Lawsuit Stems From His Defeat To Brock Lesnar Back In 2016

Brock Lesnar

After Hunt's loss (by a unanimous decision) to Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, in 2016, it had been announced that Lesnar had failed a dope-test, in which he tested positive for a 'Clomiphene' (an anti-estrogen, performance enhancing-drug) which was administered about eleven days prior to the fight. Lesnar was then stripped of his victory, and the fight was turned to a no-content. He was also suspended for a year, as per the anti-doping regulations stipulated by the UFC.

It was also revealed later that Lesnar was given an exempted by the UFC's anti-doping regulatory body, which meant he could compete without the need to undergo any further testing. This was, however, not standard protocol, as all fighters making a comeback from retirement are required to undergo additional drug tests before they are cleared and allowed to fight again.

Seeking compensation from the UFC, Hunt subsequently filed lawsuits against the UFC, UFC President Dana White, and Brock Lesnar, claiming breach of contract, fraud, racketeering, and other charges. Although the majority of these charges were dismissed back in February of this year, the lawsuit still continued until the rejection of the remaining charges this week.

Hunt's Last Fight Was Back In 2018

Hunt, however, resumed fighting in the UFC, even after his lawsuit against the organization and its President Dana White, to fulfill the three-fight obligation as part of his contract. His career with the UFC ended after he lost all three fights. Hunt's last fight was back in 2018, in which he lost to American Justin Willis.