Diego Maradona did not receive appropriate care after his brain surgery and he failed to take medications prescribed for the heart, the Sun UK reported on Monday citing an interim medical report. The development came after the football great's lawyer and agent Matias Morla called for an investigation into the arrival time of the ambulance to Maradona's house when he suffered a heart attack.

The medical report stated that Maradona's caregivers "seriously failed in their duties," the Sun UK reported. The report also revealed that he was "not monitored properly and was not taking prescribed heart medication."

"No one was properly looking after the patient. Every new element that we obtain during the investigation reinforce the theory that the aftercare was poorly administered to Maradona," the report stated. "We are looking at the possibility that a crime has been committed and that manslaughter has been committed."

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Diego Maradona REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Meanwhile, Maradona's neurosurgeon Dr Leopolodo Luque had reportedly been under investigation over the football legend's death. Authorities raided his home and clinic and seized files and phones.

Furthermore, the nurse who attended Maradona reportedly admitted that she lied about an early-morning check-up and said that she did not check on him. Last month, Morla alleged that the ambulance that was called for Maradon took "more than half an hour" to arrive at his house and called it "criminal idiocy." He also demanded an investigation into the delay of the ambulance's arrival.

"This fact cannot be overlooked and I'm going to ask for an investigation to look into it until the end," Morla tweeted at the time. "As Diego would say, you are my soldier, act with pity." Apart from Morla, Maradona's long-time doctor Alfredo Cahe also questioned the aftercare give to the football legend after his brain surgery.

"Diego wasn't looked after as he should have been," he said. "He should have been kept in hospital, not taken to a house which wasn't properly prepared. When he left the hospital it didn't seem logical to me. He should have stayed in a place with good infrastructure, like when we took him to Cuba."