The man who killed a pregnant woman with axe might plead insanity

Valle sustained several injuries while she was attacked

The axe swinging maniac, who killed a pregnant woman and tried to kill another is thinking about the insanity plea. As per court records, the accused's attorney alerted that he might be "interposing a psychiatric defence". The earlier hearing which happened in October, Jerry Brown, the accused, was ordered a mental health evaluation.

He used an axe to attack a young pregnant woman and her friend in an apartment in Bushwick Houses, Brooklyn in April. Brown killed the pregnant Savannah Rivera, 24, while attacking his then-girlfriend Angella Valle, 21, with a blade. The young daughter saw the incident unfold between the young women and Brown.

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Angela Valle recovering from the incident

Valle sustained several injuries while she was attacked. She had been in a relationship with him where Brown constantly harassed her. The young woman had just rekindled her friendship with Rivera when the incident occurred. After the attack, Valle ran outside and tried to get the attention of the passing vehicles. She was able to get an Uber cab to stop, who informed the police of the incident.

Valle said that Brown and her young daughter was inside the apartment which the police did not respond to immediately. Jessica Crus, Valle's mother was distressed while talking to the Post about the incident. The insanity plea would delay the case considerably. Rivera's and Valle's family are supporting each other during their hard times.

Brown calls himself the 'Grim Creepa'

Brown, who calls himself the 'Grim Creepa' on social media had previously attacked Valle. He brought home an axe which she hid in her bedroom in case of an attack. After the incident, Brown had admitted to disposing of the axe in the building incinerator.

Valle stated that she was scared of leaving Brown because he used to harm her and during the incident, she had broken off her relationship with him after several scuffles that led to the young woman being severely injured by the accused.