Man Stops 'Extra' Wife from Ruining Cousin's Proposal in Viral TikTok, Becomes a Meme [VIDEO]

The bride-to-be's family did not want the "extra" cousin to ruin the proposal so they assigned her husband to take her out of the situation.

An epic proposal was nearly ruined by a family member until a heroic spouse swooped in to save the day and prevent a disaster that was waiting to happen.

Let's face it. We all have an over the top family member who is a little too dramatic and capable of ruining a perfectly good moment with their "extra"-ness. That is exactly what friends and family members of a woman who was about to get engaged were worried about so they came up with a well-though-out plan to make sure the proposal wasn't ruined.

With the photographer ready and proper decoys in place, the romantic proposal was perfectly executed from start to finish all thanks to the cousin's spouse.

'Her Husband Had One Job'

Viral TikTok
Stills from the viral TikTok video. Twitter

The TikTok video, shared by @aleenamarnee, starts off with the now-engaged woman posing for a photo with the cousin and another family member with their backs turned to her fiancé, who is seen on his knees, waiting for her to turn around so he can pop the question.

"So our cousin didn't know about the proposal...and we knew she'd be extra," the caption read. "So her husband had one job...don't ruin the romantic moment." The cousin's husband swoops in just as the ladies are about to turn around, covers his wife's mouth with his hand and stealthily yanks her away from the frame without an expression on his face.

The bride-to-be is shocked as the cousin continues to be "extra" by expressing her disbelief. "Definitely a much better reaction than we anticipated," the caption reads, as the video is set to "Oh No" by Capone – a song dedicated to showcase epic fails on the platform. Watch the video below:

Twitter Reactions

The video has now gone viral on Twitter with more than 2 million views, 40,000 retweets and more than 200,000 likes on the platform. The clip has also racked up hundreds of reactions from Twitter users who lauded the husband's "technique."

"Man's technique is flawless though," wrote one user. "From the hand grab to the quick turn to the mouth coverage and the release, which special force does he work at?"

"Her husband grabbed her like it wasn't his first time being asked to do that lmao," commented another. The moment the husband drags the cousin away like a ninja has now been turned into a meme by some users:

Here are some of the other reactions: