Man stole sex toys from a Chinatown shop; Awarded one week jail term

sex toy
Sex dolls are piled up at a factory in China, he leading manufacturer of sex toys (Representational Image) Reuters

A 52-year-old man was sentenced to a week in jail after he was proved guilty for stealing sex toys from a shop in Chinatown. The convict Tan Swee Peng committed the crime on Jul 22 in 2017 at the Casanova adult toy shop.

Details of the crime

Tan Swee Peng visited the Casanova adult toy shop at around 08.30 PM on July 22. The convict initially browsed the shelves in a very normal manner. After making sure that nobody is noticing, Tan placed three sex toys in the plastic bag he had brought with him, said the prosecution version.

As per police reports, Tan Swee Peng stole sex toys worth S$356. The items he stole included a vibrating ring with nipple clamps (S$149), a nipple vibrator (S$89), and another sex toy (S$118).

The acts of Tan Swee Peng were caught on the CCTV in the shop. On the very next day, when Tan revisited the shop, the saleswoman identified him, and she soon called up the police. The police reached the spot quickly and arrested the culprit. The stolen goods were later recovered from the convict.

The judgment

During the hearing, the prosecution asked the court to give four weeks imprisonment to Tan Swee Peng. The prosecution argued that Peng is a repeat offender who was convicted of theft in 2016.

Peng's lawyer Shaneet Rai informed the court that the convict is divorced, and is responsible for looking after his elderly parents. The defense lawyer also informed the court that Peng has been suffering from panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder since 2016. Rai also added that Peng is now trying to rebuild his life by working as a part-time printing assistant at a school.

After the hearing, District Judge Eddy Tham told Peng that he should face an imprisonment of one week. The judge also made it clear that this short jail term will be a wake-up call which will prevent him from committing more offences in the future.

This article was first published on July 24, 2018