Man Rips Social Distancing Stickers Off Store's Floor Because They're 'Symbols of Fear' [VIDEO]

A man was filmed ripping out floor stickers used to encourage social distancing inside a convenience store in Niagara Falls, Ontario

A video of a man removing social distancing stickers off the floor of a supermarket in Niagara Falls, Ontario, claiming he wants "to liberate the people" has gone viral on social media.

The man, identified as Sandor Ligetfalvy, was seen physically pulling out the directional arrows off the floor of a Shoppers Drug Mart store in the video. The clip, shared on YouTube, along with the hashtag #SCRAPEFORTRUTH, shows him scraping off the stickers before being confronted by staff members.

"Get out of my store now!" a woman, who appears to be the manager, tells him in the video uploaded on Monday. Ligetfalvy can be seen without a mask, methodically scraping off the markers using a paint scraper blade as confused shoppers walk by.

'I'm Here to Liberate the People'

Sandor Ligetfalvy
Sandor Ligetfalvy can be seen ripping out the stickers in a still from the video. YouTube

"I'm here to liberate the people" he says at one point. "Please leave the store," the staff members can be heard telling him, to which Ligetfalvy replies, "You can say please but they're not saying please to us from the World Health Organization."

"They're not saying please as they rewrite our society," Ligetfalvy adds. "We need some push back now or there will be pushback never!"

"We're scraping for truth, we're scraping for freedom," he can be heard saying before the manager asks customers to leave the store, saying she's going to call 911 because the man is carrying a weapon. Watch the video below:

Ligetfalvy Arrested and Charged with Mischief

Ligetfalvy was later arrested by police shortly after leaving the store and will make a court appearance in October for one count of mischief. He will also appear before a judge in December for defying Niagara Region's mandatory mask law in public space, for which he could face a fine of up to $1,000.

In an interview with local newspaper Niagara Falls Review, Ligetfalvy said he wanted to send a message "the corporate world" for creating a climate of fear as he pulled the directional arrows off the floor of the store, which he viewed as "symbols of fear."

"If we don't push back now, we'll never get the chance to push back," he said. "What are we doing to our society when we're promoting fear everywhere we go?"

"I'm tired of having to go to a store, which used to be a type of therapy, and now it's a type of trauma," he added.

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