Man in New Hampshire Brutally Kills Wife's Lover, Then Makes Her Saw Off His Head

The murderer first badly assaulted his wife and proceeded to lure her lover to a lonely spot for murdering him.

In a gruesome incident in Manchester, New Hampshire, a 30-year old man reacted in an extremely violent manner after discovering that his wife is having an affair and murdered her lover. But that is only one part of the horrendous story. The murder was committed by the accused through a brutal assault and, still not satiated in his appetite for revenge, he made his wife behead the dead body.

Armando Barron found out about his wife's extra-marital affair by going through her phone records. He then assaulted his wife, leaving her battered and bruised. The wife, 31-year old Brittany Barron, worked in a company that produces medical devices. She was having a secret affair with 25-year old Jonathan Amerault, her colleague.

Brittany Barron
Brittany Barron was assaulted by her husband and forced to decapitate victim's body New Hampshire police

Sequence of Events

Brittany told the police that her husband discovered the affair last Saturday. He launched a savage assault on the lady, beating her badly and also choking her into unconsciousness. Then, Armando planned an attack on Amerault. He texted him from his wife's phone and arranged a rendezvous at a park.

When the victim arrived, the main accused brutally beat up his wife's lover and then asked her to either kill the boy by shooting him or crushing his throat. When Brittany couldn't do as she was asked, Armando shot Amerault three times, murdering him.

Then the husband forced his wife to drive them, along with the dead body to a familiar spot, with the intention of disposing of the corpse. When they got there though, the murderer had another gory act in mind. He forced his wife to use a saw and decapitate the corpse.

Armando Barron
Armando Barron is accused of capital murder New Hampshire Police

Discovery of crime

Armando then left the task of disposing of the body to his wife and drove back to his home. In the meanwhile, the victim's mother told police that he was missing and his colleagues, when asked, pointed out that the woman he is having an affair with has also not shown up at work.

Police swung into action and managed to arrest the main culprit who was trying to flee with his nine-year-old daughter. The wife was discovered in the forest where she was trying to dispose of the body by forest officials. She looked badly scarred on the face and her left eye was injured.

Armando now faces the charge of capital murder while his wife is also accused of tampering with evidence. However, her lawyer is trying to convince the court that she was acting under duress and therefore shouldn't be held guilty for her actions. The judge, as of now, has sent both persons to police custody with the man not having the option of bail.

The appearance of Brittany may work in her favor and lead to her being treated leniently. Considering that she was also a victim of assault and, as per her account, didn't shoot her boyfriend dead when asked to, she may get only a meager punishment.