Days after Burger King announced it was removing all artificial flavorings and colors from its flagship Whopper, the chain has set social media ablaze with its new meal offering.

On Tuesday, a promotional offer started making its way around Twitter with users sharing screenshots of an e-mail some of them received from the fast food chain about an unbelievable meal, which includes one cheeseburger, 10 chicken nuggets, one medium-sized fries, and a medium soft drink, all for just $2.

Obviously, the pricing led to plenty of reactions on Twitter with many wondering how Burger King was making any money by offering all of the above items in the $2 Snack Box, as the chain is calling it.

Without the deal, the item's regular pricing is just over $6. This has led to many to question the quality of the food, with some even accusing the outlet of using horse meat as a substitute to justify its super-low pricing. Here are some of the reactions:

Burger King confirmed the offer in a tweet but later bumped up the price to $3 on its website not long after it became a trending topic on the social media platform.

Burger King's Horse Meat Contamination Scandal

Burger King Whopper
Burger King

Some users drew attention to Burger King's involvement in a horse meat contamination scandal that dates back seven years.

In January 2013, Burger King admitted that some of its beef burgers in Britain and Ireland were contaminated with horse meat. The fast-food giant said it found trace levels of horse DNA in four samples at its Irish meat processor, Silvercrest, which also supplied the beef for its best-selling Whopper.

Burger King terminated its contract with Silvercrest and shifted to suppliers in Italy and Germany instead. Although the chain said that the product was never sold at any of its restaurants, its admission prompted a Twitter campaign and threatens of a boycott at the time.