Man to Man episode 9: Park Hae Jin talks 'frozen' kiss with Kim Min Jung

Song Joong-ki to cameo as Bank Clerk in episode 9

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Actors Kim Min-jung and Park Hae-jin in a scene from 'Man to Man.' Drama

JTBC's 'Man to Man' was touted as a bromance drama between Park Hae-jin and Park Sung-woong. Now a romantic subplot between Hae-jin's black ops agent Kim Seol-woo and Cha Do-ha, the character played by Kim Min-jung, has been introduced.

Hae-jin has now revealed how it was to kiss Kim Min-jung. As noted by website Soompi, he revealed how uncomfortable it was to shoot a kiss scene with Kim Min-jung.

"The kiss scene was filmed when it was very cold," Hae-jin revealed, adding, "It was filmed at night when it was -10 degrees celsius (approximately 32 degrees Fahrenheit). Kim Min Jung's lips as well as my lips were completely frozen, so the kiss wasn't too romantic."

Frozen lips ought to be a mood killer for any couple. However, as professional actors, it is the job of Park Hae-jin and Kim Min-jung to make their kiss convincing for the audience. Hae-jin and Min-jung's chemistry is good, though some viewers have found it less than convincing.

In fact, the pre-filmed drama is not going strong in ratings and dipped to a dismal 2.4 percent on the April 6 episode. It has since managed to recover slightly and get a 4.028 in nationwide rankings as per AGB Nielsen Korea.

However, there is a silver lining; Song Joong-ki will appear in the drama. The 'Descendants of the Sun' actor will make a guest appearance in 'Man to Man' as a handsome bank clerk, notes Hellokpop, a preview of the ninth episode of the drama revealed.

Song Joong-ki will play a bank employee who helps Kim Seol-woo borrow 5 million USD from Yeo Woon-gwang. This will be Song Joong-ki's first role since 'Descendants of the Sun.' However, the drama was entirely pre-filmed with the actor having already shot his scenes.

Song Joong-ki's inclusion, even for a brief scene, is expected to improve ratings for 'Man to Man.' Song Joong-ki has said recently, that he wants to spend some time for himself, away from acting; the actor told W Korea magazine.

As for Park Hae-jin, he will also be the male lead in upcoming drama 'Four Sons,' Soompi noted. Filming of the drama will begin in latter half of the year.

The next episode of 'Man to Man' will air on May 19.

This article was first published on May 15, 2017