Man in Florida Punches Neighbor for Putting Up Joe Biden Political Sign, Gets Arrested

A 55-year old man thought his neighbor was trying to block his political sign by placing one himself. The ensuing argument turned nasty.

The divisions in American society over political and ideological affiliations are reaching alarming proportions. An incident from the city of DeBary in Florida further highlighted this fact. A 55-year old man got into an altercation with his neighbor when the latter posted a sign supporting Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden in his house.

He has been arrested by the police and charged with battery. The Volusia County Sherriff's Office is looking into the case which took place on the Shell Road locality. The police responded to various calls on 911 informing them of a fight having broken out. The officers reached the spot and eventually arrested the alleged assailant.

Anthony Vullo
Anthony Vullo has been charged with battery Volusia County Sheriff's Office

The incident

Anthony Vullo not only threw the sign out of his neighbor's front yard but also, allegedly, punched him in the face after a heated argument. According to the police, what instigated this violent confrontation between the neighbors was the fact that Vullo assumed the person next door, a 48-year old man, placed his sign in such a way that it blocked the view of his own sign, presumably supporting the opposite political camp.

He took the sign and threw it away. The alleged victim came to know of Vullo's act through another neighbor and went on to confront him. The argument turned violent at some stage and Vullo, according to eye witness accounts, ended up punching his neighbor around his left eye. When the authorities got involved, they saw the wound but the victim declined medical help.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Donald Trump and Joe Biden are facing off in the upcoming elections Twitter

Defence of accused

In his defense, the jailed accused claims that while he did throw the sign placed in his neighbor's yard, he did not initiate the physical altercation. Vullo claims that it was his neighbor who pushed him and threw a punch which he dodged. It was in response to this act of aggression that he threw a punch and hit the alleged victim.

However, as of now, the police is supporting the claim of the 48-year old resident of Shell Road who says that he was pushed and punched without any such action on his part. This claim is backed by a witness.

With the Democratic National Convention formalizing Joe Biden's candidacy and the Republican National Convention set to take place next week, the campaign and the election fever is going to increase. The race also seems to be tightening up and this can only create more tensions. Donald Trump is relying on a 'silent majority' to overturn the advantage Biden has in the polls. If this silent majority does exist and gets more assertive, one can expect more such confrontations.