Self-Proclaimed Male Witch in Florida Arrested in Connection with Disappearance of Child's Mother

An infant was discovered by police all alone last month and his mother hasn't been seen since July 26. The 'witch' is now a prime suspect.

Shannon Demar Ryan describes himself as a 'witch' and spiritual adviser. He found himself questioned by the police in a case of the disappearance of a 21-year old woman whose infant son was discovered all by himself in Miramar city of Florida. The mother, Leila Cavett, is still missing and hasn't been since 26th July.

Ryan has now been arrested by the Florida police after many of his statements, given in connection with the disappearance of Cavett, has been found to be false. He is now being investigated as a suspect in the entire incident. The 38-year old man is currently lodged in the Broward County Jail. He has a chequered past which involves being in prison for crimes related to narcotics and burglary.

Shannon Demar Ryan
Shannon Demar Ryan calls himself a witch Shannon Demar Ryan

History of the case

The entire episode began when a 2-year old child, named Kamdyn, was discovered all alone, bare feet and with soiled diapers, in an apartment complex. The authorities took the child under their care and tried to find his mother. They came to know of her acquaintance with Ryan and the fact that he had met her on the day she disappeared.

Ryan told police that he was buying a truck from her for $3,000 and it was this that led to them meeting on that day. The now-detained man also claimed that the last time he saw the young lady, she left, along with her child, in a car described by him as a dark sedan and, most suspiciously, in the company of "several unknown black males."

This last meeting between them took place at a gas station in Hollywood, Florida, according to the self-proclaimed witch. He made another interesting claim about fixing a garbage bag to one of the windows of Cavett's vehicle as it was broken. This last claim was made in a video that Ryan uploaded on the web where he talked about the case and his acquaintance with Cavett.

Leila Cavett
Leila Cavett is yet to be found FBI

Holes in Ryan's story

However, when police conducted the investigation, they found Ryan to be lying on all fronts. The most suspicious lead the police found was the video recording of the apartment complex where the little boy was discovered. The vehicle of Ryan was seen in the video outside the building a small while before the discovery of the child.

Furthermore, videos from the gas station where Ryan claimed to meet Cavett the last time didn't show Cavett's vehicle and also didn't show the lady leaving in the sedan, as claimed by the jailed person. Other footage of Cavett's car also didn't corroborate the claim of a broken window.

What is even more disturbing is when the police looked into the mobile of the suspect, they discovered searches for "What day does commercial garbage pickup for Hollywood, Florida" and "Does bleach and alcohol make chloroform." These searches were made on Google on the same day Leila Cavett was last seen.