A shop at Marina Square is now calling for help to recognise the man caught in the act of stealing a laptop on Friday, December 1.

Gaming store GameProSG posted the video taken from its closed-circuit camera on Facebook asking for its help to identify the culprit who unhooked a display laptop and walked out of the store with it in his bag. The incident took place on Friday at 2:55 pm.

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A man wearing a black cap, black T-shirt, grey shorts and black shoes walked into the store and headed straight to the centre display. He can be seen tinkering on the bigger computer monitor, seemingly finding a way to unhook it but to no avail.

Seconds later, he noticed the laptop beside it and started to flip the laptop monitor, detach it and put it in his shopping bag. He even managed to pick up an unidentified object that fell when he hid the laptop before hurriedly making his way out.

According to the GameProSG's Facebook post, the man had an accomplice waiting for him outside the store. Although the CCTV shared captured only the man stealing one laptop, the administrator of the shop claimed there were two lost laptops.

"We have just lost 2 laptops. We would like to call out to netizens to find him," states the post. He was with a friend wearing white. Approximately 1.8m tall, if anyone have seen him pls pm us. Pls share this as we try to achieve to catch him (sic)."

GameProSG staff already filed a police report on the same day but the culprits remain at large. Laptops stolen were an Asus ROG G752vy and Acer Predator G9-592, estimatedly worth S$5,196.