Man Addicted to Female Streamers Kills Woman For Money, Reveals Shocking Details During Probe

South Korean police reveal that the man quit his job and was online at least 10 hours a day trying to connect to female streamers.

Jeju Seobu Police in South Korea have arrested a 28-year-old man on charges of killing a woman near the Jeju City flea market. The man is said to be addicted to female streamers and is found to have been sending cyber money to the streamers to get close to them.

The incident occurred on August 30 on a deserted road near Jeju City flee market. The body of the victim was found by a villager on August 31. However, the issue came to light when Allkpop reported it recently. During the time of the crime the man, who was jobless, owed $47,218 in cyber money. Gifting streamers was his latest addiction that started eight months ago. The victim is identified as 39-year-old Kim, who was working part time at a convenience store. The suspect is identified as Kang, who was earlier working as a deliveryman.

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Addiction Leads to Murder

Kang was working as a deliveryman but quit the job three days before he committed the murder. The CCTV footage revealed that Kang was following Kim when she was returning home at around 6.50 p.m. after finishing her job. It looked like she was aware that someone was following her and started walking faster. But Kang who was following her ran towards her and attacked her with a knife. The woman was seen resisting with her umbrella, but was stabbed by Kang, he fled the spot after she fell on the ground.

While looking at the CCTV footage before and after the crime the police also found out that Kang was following her for three days in his delivery vehicle and had visited the crime scene multiple times before committing the crime. He also visited the scene five hours after the crime. He was seen trying to move the woman's body. But after dragging it for five meters, he left the body and made away with her phone, some cash from her wallet and credit card.

He threw the phone into the sea near Oedo Dong, three kilometers from the crime scene. Kang was also spotted buying food at a convenience store using the victim's card. He was arrested day after the incident at a parking lot in Pyoseon Myeon, Seogwipo City. The police found the knife used to kill Kim, her credit card and phone case in Kang's delivery van. Currently, he is facing charges of robbery, murder, attempted concealment of the body, theft, and fraud.

Reveal Suspect's Identity, Victim's Family Demands

Initially during the investigation, Kang had said that he had killed the woman accidentally, as he was finding it difficult to earn a livelihood. But when police questioned him about visiting the place of crime multiple times for three days before the murder and carrying a knife, he confessed to the crime.

He said that he quit work and ran away with the delivery van as he did not make much money there. The police stated that during the probe he confessed to have been addicted to streamers and also agreed to have sent cyber money to streamers. He is said to have spent 10 hours in a day since December stalking the streamers and trying to connect with them online.

Meanwhile, Allkpop also reported that victim's family is demanding that the suspect's identity should be revealed to the public. Victim's father is said to have told that Kim was working part-time at a convenience store for five hours a day. She walked home 90 minutes every day to save money on transportation. The family has also demanded strict action against the suspect.