Girl Who Accused Kpop Star Kim Hyung Jun of Sexual Assault Sentenced to 8 Months in Jail

Kpop star Kim Hyung Jun was proved innocent and the court has sentenced the complainant after finding her guilty of leveling false charges him.

The woman who had accused SS501's Kim Hyung Jun has been sentenced to eight months in jail for leveling false charges against the singer and defaming him. Kim's label SDKB issued a statement in this regard and said that he has been cleared of all charges.

SDKB also said that the case has come to a closure with the girl being sentenced to jail. The girl had raised the complaint in March 2019. In her complaint, she had said that she had met the singer 10 years ago [in 2009] and stated that he had sexually harassed her at her house. After she filed the lawsuit, Kim too decided to take legal action and filed a counter complaint. He refuted all claims against him and demanded the arrest of the girl for defaming him.

Kim Hyung Jun
Female who had accused Kim Hyung Jun of sexual assault has been sentenced to jail term. Instagram

The court ruled in June 2019 that the girl's lawsuit lacked evidence and rejected her sexual assault plea. But after one year and six months the court ruled that the girl was guilty of leveling false accusations against the singer. The court on September 25 sentenced her to eight months in prison.

Kim Hyung Jun's Label to File Additional Lawsuit?

SDKB also said in its statement that the label is contemplating on filing another lawsuit against the girl, demanding compensation for defaming Kim's character and for causing emotional damages. However, Kpop stars being charged with false accusations of sexual assault are not a new phenomenon.

In similar cases, in 2017, SHINee's Onew was accused of sexually molesting a woman at a club in Gangnam. Cops charged Onew with forced sexual molestation without detainment. Hearing went on for one year and in 2018, the court ruled Onew innocent and all charges against him were dismissed.

In 2016, JYJ's Yoochun was charged with rape. A woman accused Yoochun of raping her in the bathroom at the bar she had worked in. But after probe it was found that she had contacted his label and had asked for money before filing the case. Yoochun was subsequently found innocent and the woman was charged with false accusations and attempted extortion.

Actor Lee Man Ki was under investigation for sexual assault in 2016. The female involved in the case had stated that he had sexually assaulted her when he was on a break from mandatory military service. After the probe, it the actor was found to be innocent and the girl issued an apology.

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