Mamamoo's Agency RBW Faces Backlash for its Pro-China Post

South Korean entertainment company RBW is on the receiving end from the Korean citizens over a controversial social media post. On the official social media account, the company had reportedly stated that it was adhered to the 'One-China' principle, before removing the post.


It caught the attention of fans across the globe and came under severe criticism. The 'One-China' principle insists both Taiwan and mainland China are inalienable parts of a single country. After deleting the post, RBW posted, "A post has been uploaded with content not discussed with us. Sorry for the confusion."

Nonetheless, the Korean netizens have continued to attack RBW for its carelessness.

How it all Started?
The trainees from RBW and Japanese management company Avex are participating in the Chinese audition show, Produce Camp 2021 (Chuang 2021). It all started when an article on Avex's website claimed that it would be participating in concerts in overseas countries like Korea, Taiwan and China.

Since it mentioned China and Taiwan as two different countries, the Chinese netizens started venting out their anger against the Japanese company on Instagram and Weibo.

RBW's Knee Jerk Reaction
Reacting to the controversy, RBW, on its social media page, wrote"Our company has consistently adhered to the one-China Principle." This was quickly deleted, but by then the post had gone viral, angering the South Korean fans.

It is reported that the South Korean company tried to win the love of Chinese fans, but once realising that its stand is angering the US and Korean fans, the agency decided to remove the post.

On the other hand, the Chinese fans are demanding the trainees from both the show to be removed from the show.

Meanwhile, Avex has lent an apology over the controversy stating that the company do not endorse the political stance mentioned in the article.