Ji Yeon Soo Opens Up on her Painful Divorce Story with Eli

Model Ji Yeon Soo has opened up on her painful divorce issue with U-Kiss member Eli. She has revealed her side of the story on the latest episode of Kang Ho Dong's show Rice Heart which was aired on 29 March.

Ji Yeon Soo and Eli
Ji Yeon Soo and Eli. Instagram

Faking Relationship for TV
According to Ji Yeon Soo, the couple never had a great relationship and pretended that they were happily married for their TV show Mr House Husband. The model tells that she had returned to Korea from the US to complete the visa process when his hubby called her to tell her his decision about parting ways.

She was shocked and trying to save her marriage for their child, but sooner or later realised that it was better to get divorced. Her son was staying with Eli while the estranged couple was trying to sort of the differences for the next six months.

Eli Single in US, Ji Yeon Soo Married in South Korea
Even as they were in the process of reconciliation, Eli had given up his South Korean citizenship. While he registered as a single in the US, she was a married woman in Korea which complicated things, causing a lot of mental stress for the model.

She then throws light on how she recovered from the depression. The racer model took sleeping tablets for two months and almost tried to take her life by jumping from the building. Ji Yeon Soo changed her mind only because of her mother who would be shattered to see her daughter on the death bed.

Even as his son is staying with Eli in the US, she is saving money to attend a beauty school. She is also considering taking a legal route to get financial support from her husband.

Meanwhile, Eli is yet to react to the comments made by Ji Yeon Soo on their marriage.

The estranged couple tied the knot in 2017. The couple had an age difference of 11 years due to which their relationship had met with opposition. They filed for a divorce in November 2020.