Malaysian police arrest remote control bomb specialist and female companion in terror crackdown

During the raid, several types of equipment for making bomb and drugs were also seized.

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Penang police have arrested a 32-year-old man, believed to be a bomb making specialist, from Nibong Tebal town. Police have also seized various types of drugs and a piece of PVC rod from his residence during a raid.

It was reported that after looking at the detainee's history police have concluded that he is specialised in making bombs that could be detonated using remote control. "The PVC rod, measuring 2.66 meters long, contained four bomb pipes, attached with a wick, believed to be made by the male suspect," said Penang police chief Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye, according to Bernama.

Moreover, several transmitters, remote controls, welding equipments, electro-mechanical components, a switchboard, eight rounds of shotgun ammunition, a kerambit (curved knife) and drug paraphernalia were recovered by the police during the raid, reported the news website.

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The officer also said that 12.65gm of heroin, 18.35gm of ketamin, 3.26gm of syabu, 24gm of ecstasy pills and 1 kg caffeine were also found in the possession of the accused.

The man, who was found with a 42-year-old female friend, would be remanded for seven days to facilitate the investigation, said Lye, according to Bernama. The woman would also face the same the same fate, he added.