Philippine bomb squad neutralises garbage bin explosive outside US embassy in Manila

A sweeper informed police about an old mobile phone with black and red electrical wires connected to a package

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A suspicious package found near the United States embassy in Manila, that Philippines police detonated thinking it was an explosive turned out to be just trash.

Police immediately cordoned off the area and the bomb disposal squad was rushed to the spot after officials found the suspected bomb taped to a mobile phone in a dustbin near the embassy building in the southbound lane of Roxas Boulevard.

However, Manila Police District head Senior Superintendent Joel Coronel said the package was nothing but a box of mobile phones and some gadgets, The Philippine Star reported.

The officer also said that the police was alerted about the package at around 7 a.m. local time by a sweeper who informed that he has found an old mobile phone with black and red electrical wires connected to a package.

"There is no danger, there is no cause for alarm...The blast you heard was caused by ... a controlled detonation. We are trying to identify who left the package at the trash bin," said Coronel, as reported.

The object was feared to be bomb as Islamist militants in the country are known for using such bombs generally made of shells. Even the bomb used in Davao city blast on 2 September was one such explosive. At least 14 people were killed and scores were injured in a deadly blast, which is suspected to be an act of terrorism, that occurred at the popular night market of the city.

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Work in the embassy was carried out like any other normal day. Even a dozen Filipinos queued outside the office for visa applications. However, the embassy officials were not available for a comment on the incident.