Magnetic Battery Pack to Charge iPhones on Apple's Menu

The company is said to have been working on the development of this iPhone battery pack for close to a year.

The global tech market is buzzing with the reports of Apple's new iPhone charging accessory. According to Bloomberg, the accessory that is being developed is in the form of a battery pack, which would magnetically attach itself to the back of an iPhone using Magsafe. Unlike the other iPhone battery accessories already available out there, this upcoming one is not likely to act as a protective case. Reportedly, some prototypes of the device have been given a rubber exterior and the battery backup is not to be supported by wireless charging, as of now.

The company is said to have been working on the development of this iPhone battery pack for close to a year. However, it met the hurdles when the iPhone software appeared not to complement the pack; resulting it to overheat.

Apple's Last stint

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In 2019, the company had taken a blow when its ambitious AirPower charging mat failed to meet the expectations and the tech giant had to take it off the market within less than two year from its launch.

Thus, Apple is now being extra cautious about this new charging accessory, as another failure in the segment can cost even a bigger blow for the tech giant. Some glitch in the development process is the prime reason for the further delay. Any unresolved error is capable of shelving the product permanently.

This new line up of iPhone 12 MagSafe accessory has circle of magnets implanted on it, which would enable it to attach to the back of the phone with ease. Apple's laptop is supposedly to observe the return of MagSafe in the device and will include a connector similar to the old pill-shaped design, stated the report.

The iOS 14.5 beta teased a hint about the battery pack, which started all the buzz surrounding the said accessory. But reportedly, such reference was soon veiled.

Reports of Apple's another ambitious endeavour of enabling its devices to charge one another has also surfaced recently. In 2019, iPhone line up the company aimed for the phone to be able to charge AirPods wirelessly but the shot missed the target and the idea had to be dropped thereafter.

Apple is not only about iPhone

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Considering the pros and cons if the battery pack finally appears on the market for users to avail, it would give a huge boost to the Apple's growing accessories and wearables economy. The company's products other than popular iPhone, such as Apple Watches, AirPods and Apple TV sets, accounted for nearly $13 billion in sales of the company in the last quarter of 2020 increasing from $10 billion in the previous quarter.

This new battery pack would make way for Apple in the race of third-party accessory makers, who already have their magnetic wireless chargers doing the rounds in the market. The products similar to this accessory cost around $49.99 in the market but it is still unknown how much the Apple would charge for the same when it hits the shelves.