Apple AirTags and iPad Pro Coming in March; Here's All About New Device Tracker

Recently YouTuber and tipster Jon Prosser tweeted that not only the Apple AirTags but also brand-new iPad Pro models are on the line.

It's been rumored vigorously that Apple might be planning a set of new launches for early 2021. Now it appears that the much-talked-about Apple AirTags could be one of the first products to come out of the tech giant's stable this year. A new leak claims that the announcements are only a few weeks away.

Recently YouTuber and tipster Jon Prosser tweeted that not only the Apple AirTags but also brand-new iPad Pro models are on the line. Prosser claimed that Apple would hold a virtual event to launch both the products just as it did last year too due to the pandemic situation.

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The tipster tweeted that the AirTags are "still on for March" and also cited that he is not aware of any "further delays" this time around.

All About Much-Awaited AirTags

However, one might want to take Prosser with a pinch of salt, as this is not the first time he is being "sure" about the launch date of AirTags. In October last year the famous YouTuber had claimed that the tech behemoth is bringing the AirTags in November "for sure".

Although Apple did hold a virtual event in October, 2020, it was all about the Apple M1 Macs. The company didn't even mention AirTags throughout the event. Following that, Prosser further claimed that the products would be launched along with iOS and iPad OS 14.3, but, as we can see, it didn't pan out quite like how Prosser would have wanted.

Prosser had tipped this 2021 March deadline for AirTags earlier as well and given the fact that Apple doesn't typically host any events before March, this time he could be accurate.

AirTags are likely to be Apple's answer to Tile item trackers. Users would be able to attach the AirTag tracker to anything, like a backpack and more. This way, they will be able to locate the object using the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Not Only The AirTags But Also...

In a different tweet, Prosser also claimed to have some accurate information about the announcements of updated iPad Pro models, which according to the YouTuber, would probably take place in March, this year as well.

A plethora of rumors have already claimed that the new iPad Pro models would bring the mini-LED backlighting, which is a brand-new form of backlighting used for LCD screens. Although it comes with several benefits that OLED offers, but the difference is that it can also bring forth increased brightness, improved power efficiency, and a lower risk of burn-in.

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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had stated earlier that these iPad Pro models would probably hit the stands in the first half of 2021. Kuo's statement further strengthens Prosser's claims regarding the products. Here also, one might take a note that Prosser had claimed in 2020 that these new iPad Pro models would be released by the end of last year, which didn't happen.

However, it's not like Prosser doesn't have any credibility. He has been quite accurate with several Apple related information in the past. He was spot on when he tipped the precise date and time for the launch of iPhone SE 2020, which took place in April last year. He was also absolutely correct about the launch date of 13-inch MacBook Pro in May and the updated iMac in August.

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