Madison Morgan Reveals She's Been Ignored by 'Hot Girls' and Friendzoned By 'Hot Guys'

Madison Morgan has been living the dream every desk-job employee thinks of. From stepping out to late-night parties to going on holidays with friends while soaking up the sun and getting to wear expensive dresses, lingerie and boots, the model has been there and done that.

However, despite leading an uptown lifestyle and getting all the attention in the world, Madison, who commands more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively, revealed that all that glitters is not gold and she too faces rejection regularly just like the rest of us.

Madison Morgan
Twitter / Madison Morgan

Just recently, the model has been sharing sizzling pictures and videos of herself chilling with friends in bungalows and jacuzzis and received comments that she's 'privileged and elite' who doesn't really understand the nuances of a common man.

Madison took to Twitter addressing the claims and said that she in fact has faced rejection just like everyone else by both men and women alike and stated that not everything she posts on social media reflects her life in real.

''To anyone out there who has ever called me privileged, I want you to know that my entire life consists of being Friendzoned by hot guys and simping over hot girls on Twitter who ignore me,'' she said.

Madison Morgan Announces A 'Serious' Job Offer

Just a few days ago, the buxom beauty Madison took to Twitter saying she plans to hire a ''cute boy'' who could video record all her vacation, drunken nights that would be posted on her OnlyFans account and would cover the cost of the flight, hotel and food.

''I want to go on a fun little vacation. I will cover the flight & the hotel. I want a cute boy to go with me on one condition, you have to be down to film us for only fans. If anyone is down, let me know. This IS a serious offer. I also snore & drink too much, lesss go!,'' she said.

However, the leggy lass did not reveal if she received applications for the job opening and hired a person for the role. The model was last seen letting her hair down with friends at a boat party and would soon head out to exotic locations again.