Madison Cawthorn 'Misspells' His Name in Signature? Republican Mocked for 'Childlike' Handwriting

Republican Madison Cawthorn was mocked for his signature after a letter detailing a proxy to vote for him in the COVID-19 Relief Bill went viral. Cawthorn, along with 12 other House Republicans, submitted paperwork to have proxies cast their votes citing the ongoing pandemic.

Prior to his election, Cawthorn had tweeted: "Leaders show up no matter how uncertain the times are. The Democrats are cowards for hiding and not showing up to work. I guess we can label them as 'Nonessential personnel'?"

Republican Madison Cawthorn
Republican Madison Cawthorn
Republican Madison Cawthorn and his signature.

Does Cawthorn Misspell his Name in Signature?

It isn't for the first time that Cawthorn's signature has shot into limelight. Last month, Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) had tweeted a letter, signed by 16 Republican members, offering to find a common ground with incoming administration led by Joe Biden.

"As our nation prepares for the peaceful transition of presidential power, I stand ready to find common ground with the Biden Administration where possible so that we can help Iowans & Americans," it read.

It was Cawthorn's signature that caught everyone's fancy. While the 'W' in Cawthorn looking like a 'U', towards the end of the signature, either 'R' or 'N' appeared to be missing. It appeared as if Cawthorn had misspelled his name.

In the recent letter too, Cawthorn's signature appear to be bearing similar structuring of letters.

Cawthorn Mocked For His Child Like Handwriting

The controversial Republican was soon mocked for bearing a child-like handwriting with weird manner to form the letters. "Every time I see Madison Cawthorn's signature I'm reminded that he's actually a third grader who can't spell his name yet.

"I cannot believe someone with THAT SIGNATURE is in congress," wrote a user as another added, "Isn't that cute?! Looks like @CawthornforNC 's signature is about as mature as his worldview."

"I know it's a side point, but is that really his signature?? It looks like a 3rd grader learning penmanship," opined another user.

"Is that truly what his signature looks like? It's as laughable as is his hypocritical absence note," a tweet read.

"My 12-year-old has a more sophisticated signature. And he can actually spell his last name correctly, too," wrote a user while referencing to the 'missing' letters in the signature.