Lynn Hung readies to have baby with businessman Ken Kwok

The married couple had started dating in 2014 and after being spotted enjoying together on trips to Taiwan and Japan they finally tied the knot about more than a month ago

Lynn Hung, who got married to Hong Kong businessman Ken Kwok, is ready to have a baby soon. The fashion model and actress got married in October this year and has expressed her desire to have a baby sometime soon.

Lynn, 36, is hopeful to have a baby and in an interview at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre looked radiant while talking about the shooting of her movie See You Tomorrow and her baby plans.

"The most ideal is to have two. I'll have one first, and if I can cope and take good care of the child, I'll think of a second one", the actress blushed.

Lynn Hung and Ken Kwok

Hung also went on to mention the hardships she faced while shooting for one of the most difficult scenes of her movie 'See You Tomorrow' when she was asked by the Director Wong Kar Wai to lash out at Angelababy, a former colleague who also shares a close relationship with the actress in real life.

Hung said, "I thought I was fierce and scolding her badly, but the director said, 'I won't take this. You have to be a tigress. You're too gentle now, you can be 100 times fiercer." The scene of disagreement and quarrel took several retakes because the actress was familiar with the costar and found it challenging to scold and scream at each other.

. According to the sources of Sporela the businessman Ken went on to knee to propose to Lynn under a beautiful night sky full of shooting stars while they were on a holiday in Canada in August this year to which the actress nodded with willingness.

With early plans of having a baby it seems the actress is definitely happy and is looking forward to extend her family.

This article was first published on December 25, 2016