After cheating charges, Bella Thorne would date only a social media wizard: Check why

Bella Throne wants to date a guy who is active on social media and can understand her lifestyle.

Bella Thorne
Bella Throne wants to date someone who could understand social media Pinterest

The American actress Bella Thorne expressed her desire to date a guy who is active on social media and understands what it takes to be in the limelight. The 19-year-old actress finds it challenging to date somebody who isn't active on social media and doesn't have the wits required to interpret its trends.

"They don't realise that social media is such a big thing in my life. So when you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't understand social media, it's a really big challenge... If you're not willing to be down with that, I can't change that about me. You think I want paparazzi following my every move? You think I want people trashing me on the Internet all the time, talking about me? No! But that is my life, and if you're dating me, you need to know that you have to take that on in a sense, too." Thorne explained according to Fox News.

'The Duff' actress has been romantically linked to the singer Charlie Puth. However, Bella has been denying rumours of cheating her boyfriend Tyler Posey with singer Charlie Puth specifying that she's been single for two weeks.

The actress gave her insisting explanation on a tweet reading, "Ty and I have been broken up for like over two weeks and charlie and I ARENT DATING we are friends. That article was written forever ago."

In an interview with the magazine the actress reported, "When [Posey and I] first started dating, paparazzi got a photo of us kissing outside and it sucked that people got that photo because we really didn't want it out at that time."

"We were obviously dating and hanging out, but it just wasn't necessary to put that in front of everyone's face, you know? That one sucked" , the actress retaliated.

Having faced all such controversies and allegations of cheating her boyfriend, now we completely understand Bella's explicit desire to date a guy who is active on social media and understands the nitty gritties of being a celebrity.

This article was first published on December 25, 2016