Lyft Passenger Goes on Racist Rant Against Driver After Being Told to Wear a Mask [VIDEO]

Lyft responded to the incident with a statement saying that the rider has been banned.

As the United States continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic and protests over racial injustice across the country, a Lyft passenger went on a profanity-laced racist tirade against his driver after being politely asked to wear a mask.

Video footage of the incident, which took place last month, has only just gone viral on social media. The six-minute clip shows the rider, who has not yet been identified, being picked up by the Lyft driver on May 28 in Las Vegas.

Coronavirus is a Hoax, Says Passenger

Lyft passenger goes on rant
A still from the video which is being widely circulated on social media. YouTube / Rideshare Madness

The passenger appeared calm at first but as soon as the driver asked him if he was carrying a mask, as part of company policy, things took a racist and hostile turn.

"By any chance do you have a mask," asks the driver, to which the passenger replies in the negative. The driver then asks the passenger if he can cover his face with his clothing and the man responds by saying he doesn't believe in the coronavirus and it's all a hoax as he covers his face with his hands.

The driver then explains to him that he has family members who are "sick" due to the deadly virus. "I've never heard of someone ask me for a mask," the man says before bickering with the driver over the route to his destination.

"I don't like you," the man says to the driver, who asks if he wants to cancel the ride. "No, I want you to take my a—home so I can give you a shitty review."

Passenger Refused to Leave the Vehicle

The driver decides he's had enough with the passenger and tries to end the ride early, asking the man to get out. However, the man seems to think he has a binding contract with the Lyft driver to take him home and refuses to leave the vehicle.

The passenger calls the driver a "candy a** f****" and threatens to "crush your skull right now." After being told he's being filmed, the man changes his tenor but still does not exit the car. The driver finally threatens to call the police and that's enough to get the man out but not before threatening to settle this dispute with Lyft.

Lyft responded to the incident with a statement saying that the rider has been banned.
"The behavior shown by the rider in this video is despicable and has no place on the Lyft platform," a rep for the ride-hauling company said. "Lyft is committed to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community, and discrimination is not tolerated."

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