Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 12 Recap, Episode 13 Spoilers, and How to Watch

Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 12 aired on SBS Tuesday at 10 pm KST, and it focussed on the moves of Grand Prince Juhyang. The chapter also hinted at the revenge plans of Ha Ram against the royal family. He is helping the greedy without knowing it. The scholar may take some time for him to realize his mistakes. Grand Prince Yangmyung and Hong Cheon Ki could help him.

The historical fantasy romance drama will return with a new episode on Monday at 10 pm KST. The chapter will feature the sealing ceremony. But it will be contacted by Grand Prince Yangmyung. Grand Prince Juhyang will use his power to seal the demon, Ma Wang, inside him. While the scholar might try to help him, the painter and Prince Yangmyung could try to stop him. It is because the consequences might be unimaginable.

Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 12 Recap

The mini-series picked up from where it left off and featured the reunion of Cheon Ki with her lover. Immediately after the scholar held his girlfriend's hand, he got to see her. They were alone in a dark place when Ma Wang attacked the scholar. After taking the scholar away, the demon targetted the painter. But he could not attack her. The scholar became unconscious, and his lover screamed. Prince Yang Myung rushed to the prison and took the painter away. He urged the royal physician to examine the scholar.

The incident affected Cheon Ki badly, and she worked harder on the portrait. She finished the rough sketch and the first draft in a day. Her painting speed surprised Prince Yangmyung and Ahn Gyeon. While she waited for the King's approval, political tension rose. News about the Crown Prince's illness spread like wildfire. The high officials started pressurizing the King to consider one of the Grand Princes as the new Crown Prince.

Lovers of the Red Sky
A poster of SBS historical fantasy drama Lovers of the Red Sky. Twitter/SBS

When Ha Ram Made his First Move

Since the King was well aware of his second son's evil intentions, he decided to make his youngest son the Crown Prince. Prince Juhyang happened to overhear the King's decision. He planned to get hold of Ma Wang as soon as possible for the throne. He met Ha Ram in prison and asked him to hand over the demon. While they were discussing it, Prince Juhyang felt the presence of a third person. It was his brother Prince Yangmyeong.

When the siblings were arguing about the scholar, the King visited the cell. He took his second son to the chamber to let him know that he preferred Prince Yangmyeong as his heir. The heated argument between the father-son duo ended only after the King collapsed. The royal physician informed Prince Juhyang that the King was weak. He may not regain consciousness anytime soon.

Prince Juhyang decided to use this opportunity to sit on the throne. He went to meet Ha Ran and discuss the plans. The scholar informed Prince Juhyang that he was pleased to help. He also agreed to hand over the demon on a date set by him. In the meantime, the painter saw her lover being taken away by the Grand Prince. She secretly got inside the career, and the scholar saw her. The chapter ended by teasing troubled moments for the couple.

Lovers of the Red Sky
Lovers of the Red Sky episode 13 will air on October 18. Twitter/SBS

Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 13 Spoilers and How to Watch

The upcoming chapter of this historical fantasy romance drama will focus on the sealing ceremony. The event will take place according to the plans of Grand Prince Juhyang. He will try to seal the demon inside him with the help of his people. But his younger brother might risk his life to stop him. Cheon Ki could also attend the event and make some effort to help her lover.

The mini-series will be back with a new episode on October 18 at 10 pm KST. K-drama fans can watch the chapter on SBS or stream it on the official website of the broadcasting channel. The non-Korean speaking population can watch the episode with subtitles online here.