Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 11 Spoilers and How to Watch: What is in Store for Hong Chun Gi?

Lovers of the Red Sky will return with a new episode on SBS on October 11 at 10 pm KST. Chapter 11 will focus on the love triangle between Hong Chun Gi, Ha Ram, and Grand Prince Yangmyeong. The prince began using his power against the Scholar Ha in episode 10 without knowing it could affect him. Because of the Prince, Chun Gi and Ha Ram will part ways in the upcoming chapter.

While the Scholar will go behind bars, painter Hong will finish the late King's portrait. No matter how hard the grand prince tries, the painter and her childhood friend will continue to meet each other. But things could take an unexpected turn after she completes the portrait. As expected, she might have to deal with the consequences of creating a divine picture.

What is in Store for Hong Chun Gi?

The painter will have no other option after knowing that the demon is in her lover's body. She will decide to complete the portrait quickly and help the royal family get rid of Ma Wang from Ha Ram's body. But the promo shows her falling sick immediately after completing the picture. Will she end up like her father?

It remains to be seen if anyone from the royal family will reach out for her help. She could receive help from Sam Shim, who wants to lock the demon, Ma Wang, in a vessel. But painter Hong could become blind soon after the evil spirit leaves Ha Ram's body. Ho Ryeong informed the painter in episode 10.

Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 11
A poster of historical fantasy romance drama Lovers of the Red Sky. Twitter/SBS

Grand Prince Juhyang to Kill his Brother

The evil prince will have to kill his brothers to become the King. Since Prince Yangmyeong decided to go against Prince Juhyang, the evil prince will probably decide to kill his brother. Bloodshed can be expected on the upcoming episode of this historical fantasy romance drama.

In episode 10, the mini-series featured a conversation between the evil prince, Ahn Young Hee, and Mi Soo. All the three decided to wait until the sealing ceremony to make their moves. Is god Sam Shin playing to use this opportunity to attack the demon?

How to Watch Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 11 Online?

Lovers of the Red Sky episode 11 will air on SBS Monday, October 11, at 10 pm KST. K-drama fans can tune in to the broadcasting channel or stream it on the official website. This chapter will be available with English subtitles on various online streaming platforms.