Love Island 2020 line-up: Who are the twelve contestants?

The reality show, which aired its first episode on Sunday night, saw a group of 12 contestants on a quest for true love

Twenty-three-year-old Callum Jones, a former scaffolder, has already become the crowd favorite on the opening night of Love Island 2020.

The reality show, which aired its first episode on Sunday night, saw a group of 12 contestants on a quest for true love, and of course, winning the prize money of £50,000. The show is being shot in South Africa.

Who is Callum Jones?

The cheeky lad hailing from Manchester is hopeful of finding his true love in South Africa. Having a massive crush on Megan Fox, Jones describes his ideal woman to be someone who has dark hair, tanned skin, wears red lipstick and has white nail polish.

Looking for an independent woman who will not pester him with mundane tasks, Jones admits that he is "prepared to go pretty far to get the girl".

Giving himself 9 points on a scale of 10 for looks, he said it is his dimpled smile that is his best feature.

Callum's friends and colleagues unaware of his participation

Callum Jones

Before entering the villa, Callum did not tell any of his friends or colleagues about it. "I applied in the summer and [my friends] were like, how did you get on? So, I said I was just going to have to apply in the winter and that's probably as far as I've got to telling them. They're always asking questions like, you going on it, you going on it? And I'm like, I don't know," he said.

On the professional front, Callum quit his job. "I was meant to turn in yesterday. I've only told one person, my supervisor, that I was leaving. I just told him. Everyone else was expecting me in," he added.

The complete line-up of Love Island 2020

The cast of the first winter edition of the reality show is quite a unique mix this time. From a police officer to a former naked butler being part of the contestants, this season is certainly going to be a head-turner. Here is the complete list of the contestants.

Paige Turley: Former girlfriend of Lewis Capaldi, 22-year-old Paige competed in Britain's Got Talent at the age of 14. The couple who dated for two years after they met at college in Motherwell, finally broke up in 2016. It is believed that Someone You Loved, the popular ballad by Lewis told the tale of their love story.

Mike Boateng: Hailing from London, Mike is a police officer who doesn't flinch from accepting that he "can have a bit of a wandering eye" during his stint on the show. He is the first police officer to participate in Love Island. Mike says: "I'm not going to wander for the sake of it". The 24-year-old who stays with his mother, says that he will make use of his profession to charm the girls on the show: "I can use the cheeky lines about getting handcuffs out! It normally works."

Eve Gale and Jess Gale: The 20-year-old twin sisters have a strong male following including Kylie Jenner's ex, Tyga. Eve spoke about the incident: "We were both at an event and I posted an Instagram story tagging him. He then messaged me afterwards and we spoke on WhatsApp. Then when me and Jess were in Ibiza, he was there again. He asked me to meet him but we arrived the day he left." Both Eve and Jess are VIP hostesses.

Jess, who rated herself 7.5, said that she is quite confident about her stint on the show: "I'd be a good Islander because I'm fun, confident and spontaneous."

LOve Island 2020
The entire cast of Love Island 2020 ITV

Ollie Williams: 23-year-old Ollie calls himself an attention seeker. On the opening night of the show, Ollie gave himself full points for looks. He also went on to reveal his best chat-up line: "Do you know Polzeath beach in Cornwall? I own it."

Sophie Piper: The younger sibling of Rochele Humes, Sophie has finally landed on the show after she missed out on its summer edition last year. Bearing a striking resemblance to her elder sister, the event manager was deemed to be a crowd puller by the show bosses.

Connor Durman: 25-year-old former naked butler, Connor admits to cheating in his previous relationship. The coffee bean salesman said he was in Australia for four years and after returning did not have much luck in dating.

Leanne Amaning: The 22-year-old Customer service adviser gives herself full points for looks. Admitting to being lazy and occasionally telling white lies, Leanne hopes to find "someone who is rugged and manly, not anyone with a pretty face, who also needs to be loyal and trustworthy".

Shaughna Phillips: The 25-year beauty describes herself as "funny, easy-going but a little bit bossy". The brunette beauty made it clear that cheaters have no scope in her life as her previous boyfriend cheated on her during their relationship. Shaughna who wishes to make friends as well, said that she will not betray anyone to find her love.

Nas Majeed: The 23-year-old builder who has the habit of laughing in awkward situations, believes in the concept of loyalty when it comes to dating. A self-proclaimed well-rounded person who is "different to the guys who have been on the show before", Majeed says that girls can expect honesty from him.

Sianise Fudge: A fierce competitor who won't shy away from going any lengths to take what she wants, Sianise is a beauty therapist. The 25-year-old has never used any social dating sites including Tinder, to find love. She claimed that her eyebrows are her best beauty feature.