Louisiana Cop Sparks Outrage After Video Shows Him Pushing, Punching Black Woman for Recording Brother's Arrest

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating an arrest that is now being widely circulated on social media.

Henry Sill, the deputy involved in the arrest is facing accusations of using excessive force after bodycam footage of the arrest of Keith Anthony Robinson Jr. was released on Tuesday.

Henry Sill arresting MaryLee Robinson
Stills from a video shared on social media show deputy Henry Sill pushing MaryLee Robinson against a building before punching her. Twitter

The footage shows Sill pushing Robinson's sister, MaryLee Robinson, against a building in an attempt to restrain her before punching her across the face. The video, shared by by civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump, has sparked outrage on social media with many calling for the deputy's firing.

Keith Wanted on Felony Probation Warrant

According to Sheriff Greg Champagne, deputies were in Luling when they saw Keith, who was wanted on a felony probation warrant. When Sill attempted to arrest the suspect ran away despite the deputy telling him not to, which is seen in body camera footage released by the sheriff. The deputy even deployed his taser in an attempt to stop Keith. The taser was ineffective and body camera footage shows Keith continuing to run.

An assisting officer was able to detain Keith and take him into custody. While searching him, MaryLee approached the deputies while filming the arrest. The sheriff said MaryLee's presence agitated Keith. Body camera footage shows MaryLee and Keith exchanging words while he is being searched.

Sheriff's Office Claims MaryLee Ignored Multiple Warnings

The sheriff said deputies warned MaryLee to not interfere in the investigation and was allowed to record. However, the body camera video released by the department does not pick up this audio.

MaryLee Robinson was again told she could record but to back away from the investigation, at which time she vocalized that she would not listen to deputies' orders, according to a news release issued by the sheriff. The body camera video released by the department does not pick up this audio either.

The sheriff said Sill approached MaryLee Robinson to place her into custody and she ran, according to the sheriff. The body camera video shows Sill running after MaryLee Robinson. She is seen falling backward as Sill attempts to put handcuffs on her in that video.

Much of the interaction between Sill and MaryLee is blocked in the body camera footage. Another angle of the altercation from a cellphone shows Sills push and slam MaryLee into a mobile home. Sill is then seen punching MaryLee.

The sheriff said MaryLee Robinson refused to place her hands behind her back or comply with spoken commands and struck Sill in the face.The sheriff claims Sill pushed MaryLee Robinson to create distance, at which point she fell to the ground. The body camera shows there was already a distance between the two prior to the struggle.

According to a statement issued by the sheriff, Sill moved in to attempt an arrest, when MaryLee Robinson swung at Sill and kicked at him. The sheriff said Sill felt his taser holster crack when MaryLee Robinson's kicked him and said he glanced down and realized his taser was no longer on his duty belt.

The sheriff said MaryLee continued to resist and was placed into the back of a police unit, which is seen in the body camera footage. Watch the full video below:

MaryLee Charged Over the Incident

MaryLee Robinson is charged with interfering with a law enforcement investigation, simple criminal damage to property, battery of a police officer (two counts), disturbing the peace, resisting an officer with force or violence, fugitive.

The sheriff said MaryLee Robinson has a history of theft, resisting an officer and simple battery. The sheriff confirmed there is an administrative investigation ongoing in regards to this incident.