What is Earth Overshoot day? The day when we have used more resources than the planet can produce

NASA is clueless about the alarming noise heard from the Middle East, which includes countries like Syria, Egypt, and the State of Palestine to East Midlands. It also includes Australia and major parts of America.

There were loud booms heard earlier on October 10 in Cairns, which left the residents baffled. But few suggested that the sounds were nothing but FA-18 Hornet combat.The recent boom also known as "Bama Boom" by the cops came to light this week, panicking the residents in the US state of Alabama.

Few experts ruled out the situation as sounds that are ranging from supersonic plane to meteor shower in the atmosphere. Even cops say that they were notified about the suspicious sounds by the residents as a "loud boom" at around 9 pm on Monday.

They also added that the mysterious sound that appeared to originate on the northwest side of Loch Buie shook many houses. Yet, both the cops and experts could not figure out the reason behind the mysterious sound. There were other resonant sounds heard in early hours of Saturday, September 2.

People throughout Adelaide in South Australia were shaken by the loud sounds along with a pair of seismic tremors. Australia Geo Science reported 1.4 earthquakes in that area but later on, they deleted it from the website without any explanation.

Startled residents took to social media to express about these loud booms and seek an explanation for it. Not only in Australia, these loud booms have occurred in 64 locations this year.

However, there is no proper reason for these loud booms. Besides, NASA scientist Bill Cooke told ABC that the origin of these mystifying booms still remains unclear. He believes that the sound could have been produced by a supersonic jet, so they will continue to analyze new data in hope determine the cause of the boom.