Get ready to face an alien invasion by June 21, 2043

A scientist has sent a message to the star system, 70 trillion miles away from earth.

Nasa is hiring a planetary protection officer to protect the Earth from aliens

Earthlings should get ready to receive an unpredictable response from the alien civilization. A scientist has just sent a message to the star system 70 trillion miles away from earth, inviting aliens to swipe right and respond to us.

The astronomers decided to make another move of contacting alien life. As a result, they sent out a radiating message to the nearby star GJ273 also known as Luyetn's star.

According to the researchers, Luyten's star is a red dwarf in Cantis Monor constellation, that is from a distance of 12,336 light years from the sun with a visual size of 9.9, which is too faint for the human's eye. Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) is active in sending greetings to civilizations living outside our planet.

While the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is controversial to METI, it looks for signs of life all over the solar system.

One of the most outspoken opponents of seeking alien contact is Stephen Hawking, who has warned people to refrain from such activities.

Suppose an alien pays a visit to us, the result would be as bad as percussions of Columbus landing in America.

"Any civilization that could travel to Earth to do us harm could already pick up our leakage television and radio signals, so there's no increased risk of alerting them to our existence." president of METI Douglas Vakoch told Newsweek in an interview. He also added that the message was written in the language of maths and science.

Berkeley, a researcher from SETI, retorted when he told the New Scientist, "It's like shouting in a forest before you know if there are tigers, lions, and bears or other dangerous animals there."

The message has beamed three times to the system on October 16, 17 and 18, where each transmission took 11 minutes to send the message. The invite includes a cosmic clock that indicates the distance time has passed between transmissions.

Another message will be sent to the same star with an expectation of a reply from the aliens. But the question is, if at all they get a reply from the aliens, will it turn out to be like Independence Day movie? The answer lies on June 21, 2043.