Los Angeles Cop Busted after Open Mic Records His Sexual Encounter Outside Universal Studios

The woman, who is believed to be with the officer at that time, can be heard responding to the cop in the affirmative and then starts moaning.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy was busted for allegedly having sex with a woman at the Universal Studios lot after he accidentally left his mic open for everyone to hear the blow-by-blow account of the steamy encounter. A dispatcher can be heard warning the officer that she can hear him entertaining his guest, but the deputy doesn't respond.

The audio tape was obtained by TMZ but it's not clear when exactly the incident occurred. However the recording has now become the talk of the entire department, while the unnamed deputy has been sent on leave. Also, the female participant hasn't been named.

Caught on Duty

Many had initially thought that part was organized by the LAPD YouTube Grab

The sexual encounter between the unnamed deputy and the woman happened somewhere near the section of the lot in Universal City near the Bates Motel section, famously featured in the Alfred Hitchock thriller 'Psycho'. The woman, who is believed to be with the officer at that time, can be heard responding to the cop in the affirmative and then starts moaning. "Oh," the giggling woman moans at one point. "Oh, my goodness!"

And all this while, the mic remained open without his knowledge, recording every moment of the wild encounter. In fact, at one point a female dispatcher can be heard alerting the officer about his "open mic" while the woman continues to moan and breathe heavily. "95 Ocean you have an open mic," the dispatcher said several times to no avail.

However, the deputy doesn't respond and after sometime the dispatcher gives up. It is still unclear whether the woman was with the deputy inside his patrol car or somewhere nearby the vehicle.

Shame for the Department

Representational Picture Wikimedia Commons

The theme park is currently closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and the cop seems to have tried to make the most of the secluded surrounds. The audio tape was published on Tuesday by TMZ, following which the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department started an investigation into the incident.

The officer also has been reportedly sent on leave till results of the investigation are out. "The deputy was immediately relieved of duty and an administrative investigation has been opened. The deputy's peace officer powers have been suspended and proper administrative action will be taken, based on the outcome of the investigation," Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

The sheriff's department has declined to release additional information about the deputy such as how long he was with the department and his past record. This is the latest of the embarrassments faced by the L.A. Country Sheriff's Department. Earlier this year, David Rojas, a 27-year-old LAPD cop was accused of fondling a dead woman's breasts which was caught on his bodycam, following which the victim's family sued him.