Looking for Singapore spirits? Here are top 6 bars that shined in World's 50 Best Bars

Singapore is officially one of the best drinking destination in Southeast Asia, as it fixed its position in this year's World 's 50 Best Bars list.

A barman prepares an Imperial Fizz Nouveau at the Atlas Bar

Singapore is officially one of the best drinking destinations in Southeast Asia, as it fixed its position in 2017's World 's 50 Best Bars list. The Lion City has once again proved that it has got one of the world's best bar cultures, giving a tough competition to the cocktail capitals of London and New York.

Singaporean bars are perfect examples of the country's nightlife. With thousands of places to head out and quench your thirst, you are spoilt for choice.

Right from Manhattan at the Regent Hotel Singapore, which broke through top 10 best bars, bagging 7th place in the list, to Atlas Bar making its debut in 15th spot, Singaporeans can now take their pick for a party night.

Here is a list of top six Singaporean bars where one can head out and let their hair down.

Manhattan Bar at Regent hotel

Manhattan Bar

Recreating the Golden Age of drinking, Manhattan Bar bears a resemblance to the Grand Modern Hotel bar, with a touch of glamour and the sophistication of New York. Manhattan Bar is ranked No 1 in Asia 's best bars in 2017, No 11 in World's 50 best bars in 2016 by Drinks International and first among the top 4 Best International Hotel Bars in 2017.

Visitors need to dress smartly and casually, avoiding slippers, flip flops, singlets and tank tops.

Pink Peppercorn Sea Salt, Iron Horse, and Eucalyptus Globulus are some of the best cocktails available here. The Gourmet menu includes The Drunken Steak, Brisket Roll and Black Forest Tartine.

Price: $ 150 per head, including free flow of cocktails, beers and wines.

Price: $ 195 per head, includes free flow of Bille cart Salmon.

Operation hours: 5 PM – 1 pm

Violet Hours: 5 pm – 7 pm (weekdays )

Atlas Bar

Atlas Bar

Atlas Bar was initially named Parkview Square. It is situated on North Bridge Road in Singapore's Bugis Neighbourhood.

This lobby bar, also known as the Divine Wine Extraordinaire, was inspired by the magnificent Art Deco. It also boasted a massive wine tower and wine fairy. With the help of Proof and Company, the wine tower has been replaced with more than 1000 gin bottles, and apparently the world's largest collection of gin. The bar houses more than 250 types of champagnes.

Go visit the bar, but do not wear slippers.

Drinks like Swedish punch spiced rum, Roasting roaster of gin flights and Cocktail SS Normandie are the best picks visitors can grab from the menu.

Operation hours: 10 am – 1 pm except for Sundays

Operation Dagger Bar

Operation dagger Bar

Operation Dagger is ranked the world's 24th most popular underground secret bar and a great addition to Ann Siang's Vibrant nightlife scene. This secret bar is situated behind an unmarked door, and reached through the flight of stairs behind Oxwell and Co, across the laneway.

There are very innovative drinks on the menu, made from house-made meads and house-infused spirits. Drinks like a weekly bottled cocktail, dangerous water and inventive omakase option are available here, consisting of six customisable cocktails each paired with a different bar snack.

Timings – 6 pm - 12 am

28 Hong Kong Street Bar

28 Hong Kong Street Bar

The 28 Hong Kong Street bar has always kept a low profile. It opened in 2011 without any promotions. The specialty of this bar is that it doesn't market itself on social media platforms. But still, it made it to the top 50 world's best bar list, making it one of the forerunners in the local cocktail scene.

Cocktails like Knicker Bocker Gambit, The Schwarzwald Sour and The Young earl are some of the best drinks one can grab in this bar.

Operation Hours: 6 pm – 2 am

Trippling Club

Trippling club

Trippling Club is situated in Singapore's China town area and was ranked 31st in World's 50 Best Bars. Visitors get to taste inventive foods here, unlike anywhere else in the country.

Though prices are steep, visitors can try their signature Jolly green Gaint, the sophisticated Friend of the Night and Purple drank, which will be served in the form of a homemade medicine.

Operation Hours: 12 PM – 12 PM

Native Singapore Bar

Native Singapore Bar

Native Cocktail bar, which showcases natural ingredients, is located at Amoy street. The bar has entered the World's 50 best bar list. However, you should not be surprised when they serve insects along with the cocktail, as it is their specialty.

Antz, a cocktail, is served with coconut yoghurt and aged sugarcane juice. Vijay Murlidar, the head bartender, displays spirits from around the region and also experiments with distilled gins to provide customers with a sensational experience.

Operation Hours: 6 pm – 12 pm