Weekend Singapore: 6 major events to check before stepping out

Either through participating in events or celebrating together in festivals, weekends always keep you stress-free and time to be yourself

Singapore on Weekends

Whether there is a festive celebration of Mid Autumn Festival or sound of the roar from Formula 1 Cars on tracks, Singaporeans always find time to spend their weekends with their families in any part of the island.

The first weekend of October has many fun events lined up, where visitors can take time off from their busy weekday schedule and get along with their families and enjoy the events.

Here are top 6 events and festivals that visitors can't miss out this weekend.

"I am Proud Of You "– A Champion Family Festival


Singapore Expo is coming up with a special day for children, along with their parents to enjoy a ride on a pony, race alongside six unique inflatable obstacles, getting entertained by jugglers, slit walkers and magicians and finally relax with family or children by marvelling at the night sky by Starlab planetarium.

Venue: Singapore Expo

Date: 7 October – 8 October

Ticket: $26.60-$48

Painting with Light: International Festival of Films on Art

Cate Blanchett

Visitors who are interested in watching classic movies can visit this festival, as one gets to see restored classics, films on art and watch other movies. Visitors can also watch movies at the inaugural movie festival hosted by the National Gallery, Singapore.

There are several feature short movies lined up this weekend like "Koudelka: Shooting Holy Land", followed by Czech-French photographer Josef Koudelka whose long journey through Israel and Palestine, besides a documentary "The New Rijksmuseum", which records the restoration of Holland's most famous museum.

Not to forget the highlight of the festival is film "Manifesto", which stars award-winning Cate Blanchett, portraying 13 roles in the movie.

Venue: National Gallery Singapore

Date: 7 October – 29 October

Ticket: $8-$10

GIF Festival

GIF Festival

Visitors to the festival may also get to see works showcased during the inaugural of GIF Festival, presented by Nouse Singapore.

Other than the display of GIF, there will be workshops and activities such as 'living photos' by home-grown photographer Aik Ben Chia, a lesson on stop – motion for children by Steve Lawler and also opening night featuring among others, DJ Kiat.

Venue: Gillman Barracks

Date: 7b October – 11 October

Ticket: Free - $5

Fun Home

Fun Home The musical

If one has given a thought to spend this weekend by watching a play with their family or friends, then Fun Home is the best choice. Starring Nikki Muller and Benajim Kheng of "The Sam Willow Fame", the show is based on the adaptation of American cartoonist Alison Bechdel's selling graphic memoir.

The piece depicts the journey of the life of Bechdel and her dysfunctional family. It is directed by Tracie Pang and features Adrian Pang and Monique Wilson.

Venue: Drama centre

Date: 7 October – 15 October

Ticket: $25-$95

Sing Lit Body Slam

Grapple Max Dojo  wresstling Team

Have you ever thought that wrestling and poetry can come together? But Literary and non-profit organisation Sing Lit station and Grapple Max Dojo are making it possible.

The duo has collaborated to present Sing Lit Body Slam – the world's first pro wrestling showcase featuring outspoken word artist.

Venue: Aliwal Arts Center

Date: 7 October

Ticket: $30 - $ 100

Lines of Affinity: Calligraphic Visions in the works of Master Hsing Yun

Lines of Infinity

Calligraphic writers and those who like calligraphy can stop by this exhibition, where each of these calligraphic series is filled with laurels from nature and a tinge of humanity.

Apart from the regular display of Venerable Hsing Yun's calligraphy works, they tend to promote Chinese culture and calligraphy as an art from Buddhism.

Venue: 7 October -27 October

Ticket: Free