Looking to increase your Instagram followers? Try this vending machine

A Belgian artist has invented a vending machine that dispenses Instagram likes and followers directly to your account for just a couple of euros.

Instagram is not only a media-sharing app but also a legitimate platform for influencers to turn their social media profiles into a lucrative business. Influencers have been known to charge brands anywhere between $100 and $3,000 for a single Instagram post and that's because Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks out there with more than 1 billion active monthly users around the world.

Quick Fix
Dries Depoorter

One way to achieve popularity on Instagram is by creating and posting content that resonates with audiences but there are some users who don't want to put in the efforts and there are plenty of shortcuts available for them. Users can also purchase followers in order to increase their online presence, which is based on the amount of views, likes and shares their content receives.

Vending machine for Instagram likes and followers

Where there's demand, there's bound to be supply so Dries Depoorter, a Belgium-based artist thought of inventing a vending machine that dishes out Instagram likes and followers. The machine, called Quick Fix, dispenses Instagram likes and followers within seconds directly to your profile for a couple of euros.

How does Quick Fix work?

Quick Fix works like any other vending machine and is quite easy to use. First, you need to choose your product, "1000 Insta Likes" for three euros, "500 Insta Followers" for four euros, and so on. Once, the product is selected and paid for, you need to fill in your username using the keyboard located at the bottom of the machine and the likes or followers will be sent to your account.

Dries Depoorter / YouTube

The accounts that like or follow you are fake accounts, noted Depoorter. "I basically have thousands of fake accounts, and they can follow you or like your latest post," he told BBC. "What you should learn from this is that the numbers on your screen are not always real."

Depoorter's machine can be programmed to sell likes and followers for other social media platforms as well, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The coin acceptor can also be set up to accept any form of world currency.

First of its kind?

A vending machine that lets you buy Instagram likes and followers is not a new concept. In 2017, a Russian shopping mall had a similar vending machine installed that not only allowed shoppers to increase their Instagram popularity for a price but also let users take prints of their Instagram photos.

Depoorter previously invented a vending machine that sells scratch tickets, which can win you upto 25,000 fake followers for your Instagram or Twitter account for a euro each.