Lola Marsh Singer Yael Shoshana Cohen Dedicates Song To Noa Argamani, The Girl Kidnapped By Hamas

Lola Marsh is Noa Argamani's favorite band.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Yael Shoshana Cohen, the lead singer of the Israeli indie pop band Lola Marsh, paid a touching tribute to Noa Argamani, a woman tragically kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during a music festival in Israel. Yael, clearly moved by the circumstances, shared that she had learned Lola Marsh was Noa's favorite band. In response, she decided to dedicate their song 'She's a Rainbow' not only to Noa but also to all the individuals held captive by Hamas.

Yael and Noa

In her video message, Yael expressed her hope to perform live for Noa in the near future, singing, "Dearest, I'm broken, My body is unspoken, How could I be loved?" The lyrics from the song resonated with the situation, as it continued, "Wake up in the morning, feeling uncertain, Like a burning old scar, For I remember the courage I had as a child, Various colors I'm hiding inside, She's a rainbow, she's a rainbow, And I am a difficult man."

The caption accompanying the video conveyed the heartfelt dedication: "Dedicated to Noa Argamani, today is her 26th birthday, and instead of celebrating, she was taken hostage in the Nova terror attack. Today we found out through a message from one of Noa's best friends that we are her favorite band. It was very hard not to cry while taking this video. We're sending out this prayer, this song (her favorite song "She's a Rainbow") to the safety and health of all the hostages and innocent people affected by this nightmare we live in. Noa and Avinatan, we have great faith that we shall overcome, and hug you both tightly."

Israeli female soldiers executed
The women were heard wailing in pain as the Hamas terrorists approached them and shot them from almost point-blank range X

The video clip also shed light on the harrowing moment when Noa was kidnapped by the terrorists. They forcefully took her away on the back of a motorcycle while she screamed for help. Her boyfriend, Avinatan Or, was held back and restrained, with his hands tied behind his back. Both Noa and Avinatan are among several Israelis believed to be held captive in Gaza at this time.

The music festival, where Noa's life took a tragic turn, plunged into chaos when the terrorists struck, leading to the loss of at least 260 lives and the abduction of many more. The festival, held near Kibbutz Re'im close to Gaza, had drawn thousands of attendees. Palestinian gunmen initiated the attack and unleashed a wave of violence, shooting down people as they attempted to flee.