From Locust Dishes to Nutella Biriyani, Weird Fusion Foods Leave Netizens Furious

Videos of people consuming live locusts have started doing the rounds on social media.

Human beings are known for eating other animals, and it seems the locust attack has given them another culinary option. The tale is from Pakistan, which is reeling under a massive locust attack. Ever since parts of the country came under a swarm of desert locusts, causing a major threat to crops, people in Pakistan have found an idea on how to deal with it.

They have already started preparing their favorite dishes using locust. Yes, you read it right! Now, there exists locust biriyani, locust curry, and locust fry, to name a few! It has to be noted that though insects are commonly consumed in many parts of the world, it is not so common in South Asia.
Locust biriyani
Locust biriyani Twitter

Biriyani is a popular main dish prepared by mixing rice with vegetables, mutton, chicken, beef, prawns or eggs, along with spices and condiments. According to a restaurant owner, who has been making use of the crisis situation by selling different dishes using locusts in Thar's Chacharo area, these insects should be cleaned properly while its legs and hind portions should be detached before cooking.

Strangely, some videos of people consuming live locusts that are rich in protein have also been doing the rounds on social media. Other videos show that people in other countries are also inspired by this idea. "HOW in the blue hell am I JUST finding out about people that actually eat locusts?? Like locust biryani and locust karahi????," commented a Twitter user after the photo of locust biriyani went viral on social media.

Nutella Biriyani

Nutella, the sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread, has been the favorite of millions of people all over the world. Similarly, biriyani is also a much sought-after main course item. But how about mixing the two? Sounds weird, right? Of course! The connoisseurs, who are fuming with anger, seem to be unhappy with this strange combination calling it the worst food combo ever.

Though the idea of Nutella biriyani surfaced online back in 2019, it has resurfaced on social media recently. "The world should come to an end now," commented a netizen after seeing the viral photo of Nutella biriyani. "I am leaving this planet," commented another.

"Nutella Biryani. Am I going nuts? oh ya I am. The person who made this has no right to intervene in biryani's life. He should be in jail, this is something super illegal (sic)," suggested a netizen.
Meanwhile, another netizen has shared a photo of him trying Nutella biriyani sandwich.