Local Dad Stands Up Against Online Bullies Attacking Princess Kate, Reveals Real Story Behind Viral Farm Video he Recorded

"I thought after this was released they'd go quiet. But these people are so invested in the drama now," Silva stated

In a recent interview with The Sun, Nelson Silva, 40, spoke out against online trolls who have propagated unfounded conspiracy theories regarding the health of Princess Kate Middleton. Silva, who captured a now-viral video of Middleton and Prince William during a casual visit to a farm shop, expressed disbelief at the persistence of such rumors.

Kate Middleton

"I thought after this was released they'd go quiet. But these people are so invested in the drama now," Silva stated, emphasizing the absurdity of the claims circulating on social media.

Silva clarified that he had no prior knowledge of the rumors surrounding Middleton's health when he filmed the couple during their outing at Windsor Farm Shop. The footage, he believed, should have dispelled any doubts regarding Middleton's well-being, showing her in good spirits as she shopped alongside her husband.

Despite his intentions to share the video with his family in Portugal, Silva found himself drawn into the controversy when the footage gained traction online. He expressed frustration at the baseless accusations levied against him, including claims that the video was fabricated or manipulated.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Silva highlighted the need for online influencers and celebrities to acknowledge when they are wrong instead of perpetuating falsehoods. He urged those engaging in such behavior to find more constructive ways to spend their time.

Silva's decision to release the video to The Sun was motivated by a desire to combat the spread of misinformation and support Middleton amid unwarranted scrutiny. He emphasized the importance of showing empathy towards individuals undergoing medical procedures and condemned the callousness of those spreading malicious rumors.

In closing, Silva urged online conspiracy theorists to redirect their focus towards more positive pursuits, rather than contributing to the proliferation of baseless speculation.