Level 40 in Pokemon Go: You can now calculate how much time it will take you to get there

It's not easy to reach the max level in Pokemon Go as it requires a total of 20 million XP to reach there

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I like Satoshi, he is a nice guy. You know I get it, that life of uncertainty and adventure, the urge to get it going because you know, "Gotta catch 'em all!". A big part of my childhood has been about growing up and wishing that one day, I will be out there catching Pokémons, becoming a trainer, getting Pikachu to zap my teacher because she gave me a D minus in the history test.

So it was a no brainer that when Nintendo came up with Pokémon Go, I was hooked to it from the very beginning. Although the game play was a tad bit erratic, I was playing it every day to make sure that I could level up. However, as the game progressed it became tougher to go up in the ladder. It was an easy breeze from 1-20 but XP requirements becomes quite arduous the higher you go in Pokémon GO levels.

Unless you are a die-hard player, it might seem to you like you are just stuck and like you can never go further, it's that tough to reach the ultimate level 40, which by the way requires a total of 20 million XP to reach. Even if you are at level 39, you're only 75 per cent of the way there as it takes 5 million XP alone to get from 39 to 40. And that's why out of millions of players across the globe only a handful have been able to hit the maximum level.

Now, there is a tool, through which you can input your data about the gaming and it will figure out for you that according to your skills how much time will you need to complete the game. What do you think about Pokémon Go? Days? Months right? Try years!

Paul Tassi of Forbes did this experiment and put his data through the tool. At the time of the experience he was at level 27 of Pokémon Go. So after calculating his data of million plus XP and around 180 days play the tool figured out that Tassi will need at least over eight and a half years to complete the game! That too, if only he keeps playing the current pace, which is just under 6,000 XP a day.

So , he is all set to hit level 40 by the Thanksgiving...only in the year 2025.

Yours might be higher or lower than mine, and if you're a truly, ultra-dedicated player, maybe you can get it down from years to months after all. It's not that there is some terrible problem with the Pokémon Go leveling system, it's just that there's essentially no terribly good reason to care much about leveling past 30, which is where wild Pokémon CP caps out. Yes, you can still increase CP manually after this as you reach new levels past 40, but the costs are insane in order to prevent total domination of the game by players with totally maxed out Pokémon.

Yes, you get some items bypassing each level, but the leveling system is secondary to almost every other thing in the game.

It's actually pretty weird that due to the leveling system, a game will take years to get completed. It's true that most of the games have the XP requirements to reach the next level, but n case of Pokémon Go the amount is just exceptionally high.

So you can also test your time limit here.

This article was first published on January 11, 2017