Less traffic and quick travel make us happier than sex, says study

Short commute has emerged as a major reason for people's happiness

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It is a well-known fact that sexual intercourse reduces stress, helps keep the body fit, improves overall immunity and makes for a happy individual. But a recent survey has found that there is something better than sex to keep a person happy; that is short commutes.

Increasing traffic and overpopulation are the two major factors that trouble city-dwellers all over the world. People have been affected to such an extent that having a short commute time is one of their major reasons for happiness.

According to a poll conducted by Time Out, a journey that takes less than 30 minutes is enough to make Londoners happy. They would much rather spend less time in crowded trains and buses than have a satisfactory sexual interaction. The poll was conducted on 15,000 people in 32 cities.

Nearly 87 percent of the poll participants said that they had been happy in the last 24 hours, after which they were asked the primary causes of happiness. People who had recently had sexual intercourse showed a two percent jump in happiness. But the biggest difference was caused by travel in less traffic.

Other factors that influence happiness are being in a new relationship, making new friends, good salary, volunteering, regular exercise and going to the pub.

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Factors that cause maximum stress in city-dwellers are eating lunch at the desk, checking emails constantly, excessive use of social media, getting less than seven hours of sleep at night, low wages, smoking and being a millennial.

Time Out surveyed cities like Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Madrid, Mexico City, etc, and asked people questions related to their daily life and factors which influence them.

It was found that London is the most stressed city in Europe, with 50 percent participants admitting that they have been stressed in the last 24 hours.