Feeling stressed? Try these 5 hacks to feel refreshed instantly

When in stress, your body can react in a negative way which may be extremely harmful to you.


Stress is an immediate response of the body to any situations. When a body is under complete stress, it tends to switch to fighting or flight mode and at this time a complex mix of hormones and chemicals, like adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, is released to deal with the situation. Being consistently under stress can bring negative impacts to your life and trigger disease like heart disease, hypertension, and depression.

However, the scenario with stress treatment is bleak as millions across the world are unable to cope up with it and are left untreated. The longer the stress period, the chances are high of severe health issues.

This might sound extremely dangerous and threatening, but stress can be treated and cured. Many endocrinologists have thoroughly studied the matter and came up with symptoms and cure for this emotional upheaval.

Check out these 5 tips to combat stress:

Listen to soothing music/ ocean sounds

ocean beach

Whenever you think you are trapped in the world of stress, leave the place and go somewhere where you feel comfortable. Plug in some soothing music and try to concentrate on the melody. You can also try out ocean south as they are proven to have calming effects. This activity will help to relax your brain and body and lower high blood pressure.

Try to comfort yourself

comfort self

It is not possible to call your friends or hangout with your loved ones when you are feeling stressed. In such cases, take few long breaths and calm down.Trying talking to yourself and pinpoint the stimulators that bring about stress for you. Using positive energy remove it out of your mind.

Eat a proper diet

Proper diet

Stress and proper diet are closely related. Usually, when you are stressed, you skip meals and resort to friend junk food, which, instead of relieving you from stress, may increase your it.

Try consuming fresh fruits and vegetables are nicely prepared home food to get rid of the tension.

Exercise at least 20-30 minutes

Daily exercise

Exercise has got numerous health benefits as it keeps the body and mind relaxed. It can be anything ranging from lifting a heavy load at the gym to walking in parks. Exercise is proven to give instant relief from stress.

Get more sleep

Goodnight sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the key cause of stress. Whenever you feel stressed, try closing your eyes and get some sleep. You will instantly feel refreshed and calm.

Several researchers have proven that an adult needs minimum 7-8 hours sleep every day to function properly. Try to get it to avoid being a victim of stress.