Lesbian Couple Crowned Prom 'King & Queen' Face Hateful Homophobic Backlash

A young lesbian couple Annie Wise and her girlfriend Riley Loudermilk were crowned prom 'king and queen' by their classmates at the Kings High School in Ohio.

The couple also shared the picture on their social media handle announcing that they are on top of the world for being crowned the best couple at the prom.

Lesbian couple crowned Prom King & Queen
Instagram grab / Annie Wisee

The girls, who have been together for six months, were the first LGBTQ couple to have ever been voted prom king and queen in the school district and thought people would congratulate them for being crowned the best couple at prom but were shocked to see hundreds of comments from strangers and even friends posting vile and hateful homophobic slurs against them.

A woman lashed out at the photograph of the two posing together with their crown commenting hateful tirades by saying, ''STUPID!!! God made us different for a reason. Women should NOT be with another woman, and a man should NOT be with another man. NASTY!!!!!!!!!''

Another user commented that the title of king and queen is designated for a man and a woman only and should never have been given to a same-sex couple. ''I think the tradition stands for a queen that has a vagina, a king has a penis and testicles. Period. That's the way it should stand. That is the way that God has intended it to be.''

Lesbian couple crowned Prom King & Queen
Instagram grab / Annie Wisee

Several others commented that the girls need Jesus in their lives and are currently living their lives in shambles, which they claim causes when someone goes against the word of God. The comments came despite the fact that the two are living life beautifully and for each other.

The sea of discriminatory comments has upset Annie and Riley, and Riley's mother opened up to WLWT saying she too was disheartened by reading all the vile comments. ''It made me mad that adults were commenting on a high school dance,'' she said.

However, while most of the negative comments came right from home at the United States, users from abroad such as the Netherlands, New Zealand among others were the first ones to congratulate the couple for being crowned in the prom.

''Congratulations from The Hague, The Netherlands. Even though it should be extraordinary only for you (and we are all very happy for you) it shouldn't be extraordinary for the rest of the world, but it still is. But you are part of the progress we're all making, so good for you !!,'' a user wrote.

A community relations coordinator from the Kings High School released a statement saying the prom winners are solely class nominated initiative and outsiders have no right in discussing who the students have voted for. ''This is a solely a Kings High School senior class nominated and voted-on initiative,'' the statement read.