Which Celebrities Have Invested in Dogecoin Cryptocurrency? Here's the Complete List

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is all set to appear in a skit on Saturday Night Live (SNL) titled The Dogefather. Expectations that Dogecoin is all set to hit the $1 mark after the show have hit the roof around the world. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.375 and is expected to skyrocket in the coming days post SNL's skit on May 8, 2021.

We have curated a full list of celebrities who have purchased Dogecoin and are helping it rise to new levels. From billionaire CEOs to musicians and even Hollywood stars, Dogecoin has become the first choice of celebrity investment.

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency
Twitter / Dogecoin

1. Elon Musk

The billionaire CEO of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk is the key figure for the rise of Dogecoin and his tweets about the cryptocurrency sends the figures upwards within a few hours. Musk has invested $1.5 billion on Doge and revealed that the investment is made for his son X Æ A-12's future and he'll decide about the option of selling it when he comes to a certain age of financial maturity.

2. Snoop Dogg

Rapper Snoop Dogg is keen on Dogecoin and in February, 2021 revealed that he has invested in the meme cryptocurrency and regularly talks about Doge in tweets and on radio podcasts. He also took to Twitter sharing a picture of himself and replaced his face with Shiba, the dog, which represents Doge and showcases a fist full of dollars, hinting that those who invest will see good fortunes.

3. Mark Cuban

Shark Tank host and billionaire Mark Cuban revealed that investing in Dogecoin is the best way to teach children economics and the value of money and stated that buying Doge is much better than wasting money on a lottery. Cuban confirmed that his 11-year-old son, Jake brought $30 worth of Dogecoins at about 26 cents each and is hoping it shoots up to the moon in the coming years.

Mark Cuban
Instagram grab / Mark Cuban

4. Kevin Jonas

The Jonas Brothers singer and guitarist Kevin Jonas tweeted in February, 2021 that he's purchased Dogecoins but did not reveal the extent of his investment. However, rumors state that he's invested millions in the meme cryptocurrency and had sent out a tweet in favor of Doge saying, ''All I'm saying... $Doge.''

5. Gene Simmons

The bassist of the classic rock band Kiss, Gene Simmons publicly revealed that he brought six figures worth of investment in Dogecoin and sent out a tweet along with his picture standing like a boss with the caption, ''God of Dogecoin,'' and continued with another tweet, ''I'm not recommending, nor am I not recommending, but yes, I bought a big position in Dogecoin. And yes, I'm a Hodler. FUM.''

6. Lil' Yachty

American rapper Miles Park McCollum better known as Lil' Yachty revealed that he's a proud owner of Dogecoin and has invested considerably in the cryptocurrency and also took to Twitter urging others to follow suit as Doge has the capability to make long term holders rich beyond means. He tweeted, ''I shouldn't have to say it but... BUY $DOGE.''

7. Vicky-Lee Valentino

American actress Vicky-Lee Valentino, who starred in Line of Duty revealed that she purchased Dogecoins and also took to Twitter posing as a rockstar in lacy sheer bodysuit depicting Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler in January, 2021 saying ''#Dogetothemoon.''

8. Angela White

Australian adult star Angela White revealed she's among the first ones to hold dogecoin since 2014 and is patient that her investment will sooner or later take her to the moon. She posted a picture wearing a Doge t-shirt and white bikini undies saying ''Been HODLing my $Doge since 2014. MUCH PATIENCE. TO THE MOON Rocket #dogecoin.''

9. Mia Khalifa

When the frenzy of Dogecoin took over the world in April, 2021, adult star Mia Khalifa joined the bandwagon and invested in the cryptocurrency and tweeted that Doge should reach $1. ''Good morning, let's get $doge to $1 today,'' along with the emoji of a dog resembling Shiba and a rocket.

10. Jake Paul

UFC boxer Jake Paul called Dogecoin Bitcoin's brother and revealed that he had invested in Bitcoin when it was $100 and still holds it until date. Paul said Doge has the same potential and will be the next big thing in the coming years. He tweeted, ''When I was 16 I invested my entire first Vine brand deal into #Bitcoin when it was worth $100 After 8 years of holding It's now worth $46,000 #Doge is Bitcoin's younger brother... they have the same potential... it's still early..''

11. Ben Phillips

British YouTuber Ben Phillips invested in Dogecoin and threw his full support behind the cryptocurrency predicting that doge would cross $2 by the end of 2021 and also tweeted a few hours ago that he would give away a few Dogecoins to his subscribers. ''Every 100k followers I'm doing a giveaway! Just realized how fast I'm growing here... Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat do I give away #Doge or #SAFEMOON.''

12. Marques Brownlee

American YouTuber Marques Brownlee stated that he missed buying Bitcoin at its initial days and revealed that he's thankful he purchased Dogecoins and predicted that it would reach the heights of Bitcoin in the coming years. The YouTuber also released a video explaining Doge to his viewers.