Lee Tae Bin's Reveals a Lesser-Known Secret about his Character from Penthouse Original Script

Lee Tae Bin has revealed an interesting piece of information about his character in The Penthouse: War in Life as the audience curiously awaits the start of its third season. The actor, on MBC's every1's Video Star, opened up about the sexual orientation of his character in the original script.

Lee Tae Bin
Lee Tae Bin. Instagram

Min Hyuk was Gay
According to him, Lee Tae Bin's character Min Hyuk was gay and was supposed to be in love with Joo Seok Hoon. Unfortunately, the script went for changes, and his character was made to fall in love with Yoo Je Ni.

"I'm revealing this for the first time here today. Since Min Hyuk liked Seok Hoon and Seok Hoon liked [Bae] Ro Na, Min Hyuk was supposed to step forward and become even more proactive in bullying Ro Na. But the person Min Hyuk had eyes for was Seok Hoon," he is quoted as saying by Soompi website.

Lee Tae Bin also spoke about one of the difficult scenes that he did in The Penthouse 1. It was a tough scene to act for him due to which he consumed alcohol so that he gives his best for the sequence.

It was a scene in which Min Seol Ah was being abandoned in a car and setting it on fire. For him, it was a difficult scene. So, he took liquid courage to perform the scene better.

He continued, "Since it was going to be unpleasant no matter what, I thought to myself that I should go all the way in making it unpleasant. I should try to [embrace my character's mindset and] enjoy it. But once we were actually on set, it was really hard for me to enjoy tormenting her. So after rehearsal, I secretly had a can of beer, and that made it easier for me to film the scene and put my emotions into it. I relied a bit on alcohol for that scene." he is quoted as saying by the website.

The third season of The Penthouse is scheduled to start on 4 June. The first and the second seasons were received well by the audience. Now, the viewers have high hopes on the third instalment.

This article was first published on May 19, 2021