Lee Si Young's 'Protector' co-star Kim Young-kwang expresses surprise at her pregnancy announcement

Kim Young-kwang says he found Lee Si-young's performing of the stunts "really cool."

Kim Young-kwang
Actor Kim Young-kwang. instagram.com/aksakfn12

Recently, it was revealed that the star of MBC's drama 'Lookout' is getting married this year and is pregnant. Actor Kim Young-kwang, who starred alongside the actress revealed his surprise at the wedding and pregnancy announcement. He added that the cast and crew had no idea the actress was pregnant while performing her own stunts for 'Lookout.'

As noted by website Soompi, Kim Young-kwang gave an exclusive interview to Star News at a cafe in Gangnam, where he spoke about his recent drama, MBC's 'Lookout,' also known as 'The Guardians.' On the issue of actress Lee Si-young's 14-week pregnancy, he said, "I really didn't know."

Kim Young-kwang said he had no idea his co-star was pregnant as she had been performing all of her own action stunts. He added, "Maybe she decided to take on all (the action scenes) since she may not have the time to do so for a while. I didn't get a chance to talk with her on a personal level, so I wasn't even aware of her marriage."

Kim Young-kwang also paid compliments to how Lee Si-young handled her own stunts, despite being pregnant, saying, "We had to quickly wrap up the second half of the drama, so there wasn't much time to talk. I found Lee Si-young noona's action scenes really cool. If I were in her shoes, I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off. She is truly amazing." The actor then proceeded to congratulate her on her pregnancy and upcoming marriage.

On July 13, Lee Si-young posted a personal message on her Instagram page for her fans, saying, "I am planning to marry the person I love in the fall. It might be a bit sudden, but after the drama finished, I discussed it with our families and we came to this conclusion. The reason why we've suddenly scheduled plans for the ceremony is because I am 14 weeks pregnant and will soon become a mother."

She revealed the reason behind her hiding such information from everyone by saying, "I found out about it while I was filming for the drama, and so I was worried and a little scared at the sudden news, but I was firstly grateful that a new life was coming. But because I had such a busy schedule, I honestly didn't know what to do. I also didn't want the drama production team to receive any damage if the news got out, and so I couldn't tell anyone."

She had added that she didn't want to affect the filming schedules of 'Lookout' or negatively impact the drama in any way. Hence, she and her partner decided not to inform not just the staff and her agency but also their families.

Lee Si-young will tie the knot with her non-celebrity businessman husband on September 30, this year.

This article was first published on July 19, 2017