Lee Sang Woo Opens Up About Wife Kim So Yeon's Kiss Scenes in 'The Penthouse'; Meeting Her On-Screen Husbands

Here is how Lee Sang Woo came to terms with wife Kim So Yeon's kissing scenes in the SBS drama 'The Penthouse'

The Penthouse is one of the most successful SBS dramas starring Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon and Park Eun Seok. The negative role in the revenge drama made Kim So Yeon win Best Actress award at the Baeksang Arts Award. Steamy kiss scenes and two weddings of Kim So Yeon were also a highlight of the drama. Here is how Kim So Yeon's real-life husband actor Lee Sang Woo came to terms with actions of Kim So Yeon's character Choen Seo Jin in The Penthouse series.

Lee Sang Woo addressed these issues on SBS's new variety show Tiki taCAR, aired on June 13. As a guest of the show he spoke about his married life and his cameo appearance in the drama The Penthouse.

Lee Sang Woo Kim Seo Yeon
Lee Sang Woo posing with wife Kim Seo Yeon. Instagram

The talk show host Kim Gura started asking series of questions related his equations with Kim So Yeon's onscreen roles. She asked him if he has seen Kim So Yeon's terrifying expressions [shown in The Penthouse] at home. Lee Sang Woo laughed at the question, but answered: "I have seen them all." A surprised Kim Gura asked him about his least favourite expression of So Yeon. She was clean bowled by Lee Sang Woo's answer, who said: "I love them all. Because I think we serve as mirrors for one another. I think we see each other's good points and bad points, and we're becoming better people by learning from the good in one another and avoiding the bad."

Then she moved to a serious question and asked how he handled Kim So Yeon's kissing scenes in the drama. To this, Lee Sang Woo admitted that in the beginning [when first series of The Penthouse aired], he would take a moment's break by escaping into his room when So Yeon's kissing scenes were aired. But by the time the drama reached its third season [ongoing], looks like he has learnt how to avoid the scene without escaping into another room. "At the beginning, I'd go into our room for a bit [during her kiss scenes]. But now, I just turn my head [away from the screen] a little to avoid watching. So Yeon will tell me in advance, 'Turn away for just a moment,' while we're watching together."

Lee Sang Woo Meets Seo Yeon's On-Screen Husbands

Kim So Yeon playing the role of Cheon Seo Jin gets married twice in the drama The Penthouse and thus has two husbands around her on the set. But there was a time when Lee Sang Woo played a cameo role [In the Penthouse 2] as a reporter trailing Cheon Seo Jin.

When Lee Sang Woo arrived at the set, Kim So Yeon was rehearsing with her ex and current on-screen husbands. Seeing Lee Sang Woo she looked excited as well as awkward as she introduced him to the director and her two husbands [in the drama The Penthouse] Uhm Ji Joon and Yoon Jung Hoon.

Speaking about the same, host of the talk show host Kim Gura asked Lee Sang Woo if it was awkward meeting them. "When you're a regular on a series, you end up getting to know the cast and crew on set, but I didn't know [the cast and crew of The Penthouse] at all."

Check out the video of Lee Sang Woo rehearsing in the sets of The Penthouse: