Lee Min Ho Surprises YouTuber Fan With Birthday Gift From The King: Eternal Monarch's Possession

Popular YouTuber Donnalyn Bartolome received a gift that was used by Lee Min Ho in the drama The King: Eternal Monarch

International YouTuber, a fan of Lee Min Ho received a gift from none other than Emperor Lee Gon of the King: Eternal Monarch. Donnalyn Bartolome, a Filipino youTuber left millions of fans of the actor jealous after she unboxed the gift and found it was a property used by Lee Min Ho in the drama The King: Eternal Monarch (TKEM).

Bartolome celebrated her birthday last week. She was seen opening the huge gift box and couldn't contain her happiness when she announced it was from Lee Min Ho. "Guys it's from Lee Min Ho. Oh, my God," she screamed as she found an envelope and a bunch of Lee Min Ho's photos.

Lee Min Ho Donnalyn Bartolome
The King Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho surprised international YouTuber Donnalyn Bartolome with birthday gift. Instagram

The Surprise Gift Used by TKEM

Then came the big surprise. She had received an LED face mask that Lee Min Ho, Jung Eun Chae and Kim Go Eun were seen using on the DBS drama TKEM. "Thank you, Lee Min Ho. Sarangheyo (I love you)," she said in excitement.

Lee Min Ho is constantly in news even though the drama The King: Eternal Monarch aired its last episode on June 12. Already the hallyu star earned more popularity internationally and gained nearly 5 million new subscribers on Instagram when the drama was streaming in May and June.

Now, every photo he shares on Intstagram makes news as fans are curious to know about Lee Min Ho's next project. Recently the actor had posted a picture of him reading the script with a book in front of him written "The Project" along with words "Screenplay By" visible on the book.

Fans went crazy and thought that the actor has started working on his new project already. However Lee Min Ho and his agency MYM Entertainment have not made any announcements in this regard so far. It looks like the actor was shooting for a commercial.

Excessive Advertisement in TKEM?

In fact, TKEM also came under criticism for excessively advertising products in the drama. It was reported that the sales of BBQ chicken sky rocketed after Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun were seen enjoying fried chicken on multiple occasions in the drama.

Even the face mask was not only used frequently by Lee Min Ho and Jung Eun Chae, but the writer had made Kim Go Eun's character Jeong Tae Eul endorse for the product by saying "It is very popular in our world. We use it all the time," in the last episode of the drama.