Lee Min Ho is constantly in news after wrapping up his recent drama The King: Eternal Monarch. The star is much in demand and fans are waiting for the actor to announce his next project. Lee Min Ho's latest post on his Instagram account gives a sneak peek into his new project.

In the latest picture, Lee Min Ho is seen wearing a suit and looking seriously at his computer screen. What grabs the attention is the book kept in front of Lee Min Ho. The words "The Project" can be clearly seen followed by screenplay on the book. However, the name of the writer is not clearly visible.

Lee Min Ho Back to Shooting?

It can be said that the photo is from a set as Lee Min Ho is professionally dressed and one can spot assistants standing beside him. A car, cables and other props also can be spotted. However, it is not sure if the project is about a drama or Lee Min Ho is busy shooting a commercial.

There has been no official information about his next project yet from his agency MYM Entertainment. However, Lee Min Ho is known to pique fans' interest by posting interesting images on his Instagram.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho's latest picture from His Instagram has made his fans curious. Instagram

After completing the drama The King: Eternal Monarch, for the first time, Lee Min Ho has posted a photo of him in professional attire. Other photos posted earlier include the actor giving a sneak peek into his birthday celebration. Another photo is of him riding a bicycle at night (the pic was posted on TKEM co-star Kim Go Eun's birthday) and fans ended up wishing Kim Go Eun "Happy Birthday" on Lee Min Ho's page. Another image was of him meeting his co-star Woo Do Hwan before the latter left for military service. He also posted a video of pouring rain with song My Love By My Side playing in the background.

But Lee Min Ho's latest photos show his naughty side as the actor is trying to take funny selfies as he is sitting on a chair. It can be told that the photos are from the same set as the one where he is reading "The Project" script, due to the shirt the actor is sporting.

So, it looks like after a break Lee Min Ho is back to shooting, but information about his next project is yet to be revealed by the actor's agency.